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Department of Shameless Commerce - Water

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I'm lucky. I live in a city (or close enough) that has two public supported radio stations, really four. One of these stations is a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate station. Another one is a part-time affiliate, and the last two are college music stations.

On the full-time NPR station, they broadcast Car Talk with Tom and Ray Magliozzi, "also known as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers." At the end of their show, the Magliozzi brothers list all the people that help them every week with some fictional funny names thrown in for laughs. One of their funny support staff heads the The Department of Shameless Commerce.

Since, I want to make money with my writing, but not 'trick' people by embedding links in the posts, I have started a 'pure' blerb (article) that just points out some useful stuff for the prepper/survivalist on Amazon from "My" Amazon Store

Remember, If you can buy it local or buy it cheaper; don't buy it from Amazon.


If you pay cash, the federals don't know you bought it.

For most folks, the water coming out of their faucets is ready to store, all you need are some containers. Containers come in different sizes.

Canteens and Water Bottles
The first water containers I'll write about are water bottles and canteens. Water bottles come in a variety of material, mainly plastic and metal. The plastic bottles will allow you to blend in, and you can (sometimes) pick a water bottle color to match your gear.


Canteens will likely scream survivalist, but the military surplus canteen are rugged, especially the metal canteen. Metal canteens and water bottles will allow you to heat your water.


Remember: Only put water in your canteen or water bottle. Never put milk, kool-aid, or soda in a water bottle or canteen, that's what a canteen cup is for.

Water Jugs or Water Cans
For storing larger amounts of water, you will need water cans. The come in different sizes. The larger the container the more water it will hold; the heaver the water jug will be.


For storing even greater quantities of water, you and your family will want to use barrels. Barrels come in 15, 30, and 55 gallons.


You will need a pump to get the water out of the drum


For some folks, traveling in the wilderness or during a disaster, they may need to drink from questionable sources, so they will want a water filter.

Kitchen Filter
The kitchen type filters will remove bad tastes from your water and not much more.

Handheld Water Filters
The handheld water filters will work on the water you find in the streams, rivers, and lakes.


Base Camp Water Filter
If you're worried about needing to filter a lot of water, the big table top water filters (base camp filters) will filter 1.000s of gallons of water. They're expensive, but worth the price.


Purification with Chemicals

I'm headed to bed.

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EPA - Potassium Permanganate

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