Monday, January 7, 2019

Volume Five: Number One

Im tiefen Winter
Richard Freiherr von Drasche-Wartinberg

The Beginning
It's going to be a rocky start around here.

My housemate has moved out because he found a better paying job, moved closer to his family, and ...

So, ...

I have lost my internet access. I'm looking for a new place, and I'm also looking for a new position.

So, ...

You get what you get.

Doom and Gloom:





Natural Gas




Things You Might Want to Think About:

There are certain perks, to being the World's Only Policeman

But, ...

We need to weight, as a country, the cost of intervening in any conflict.

Before I begin, ...

Mr. Elon Musk is not 'smart.' He is a good showman because all of his ideas were proposed in the '30, 40s, and 50s or an adaptation of current technology.

Take the Hyper Loop.

I use it every time I go to the bank to make a drive-through window deposit. It's called a pneumatic tube.

Reusable Rockets? Can you say Flash Gordon, from the 30s?

Tunnels under L.A. or is it San Fransico? How the Subways System in New York, from the 1900s?

With that said, ...

It's was an interesting article that I plan to reread.

I wonder how long before the first lawsuit is filed accusing this new device of causing cancer

The Left hates it, when people speak truth to, their, power.

More reasons, some previously stated, about the need to stop illegal immigrant and limit legal immigration.

Remember, ... It's all about the money.

Drug War
We need to release more victims of the Drug War, ... Not.

Food Aid
Another reason other countries love these United States, ...

Our soldiers don't steal food aid.

Good and Bad
There is good; "combat gender-based violence, including criminalizing forced marriages, repealing legislation that previously allowed underage couples to marry, and allowing for victims of domestic abuse to apply for safety protection orders -- regardless of whether or not they live with their abuser."

And, ...

Bad, depending on how the law is used.

Illegal Immigrants
Wow, .... Women and Children.


I see a lot of men, healthy, able-bodied men that could join their countries' military and police to take back their countries from the gangs, start new businesses to pay their workers a 'living wage,' and reform their governments to protect the rights of the people.

Ha, Ha, Ha, ..

Like most liberals, the writer of this article fails to make the distinction between illegal and legal immigrants, fails to realize so-called Dreamers are in this country illegally, and uses emotion and false imaging to try and persuade you don't have the right to protect your family.

Oooh, ...

Mr. Cullen forgets, we elected Mr. Trump, so he would build a wall.

I should have titled this 'Meddling' because that is what our country does.

With that said, ...

We have the right to defend ourselves; as a people, as a country, and as a nation. We also have a responsibilty to increase freedom throughout the world.

Terrorists Some politicians are quick learners. Take al-Shabab.

They learned from the IRA

I have a lot to say about the nation of Israel because it is a bastion of freedom in a sea of oppression.

Also, ...

Israel has a lot to teach our country about terrorists living among us.

Always remember, ... It's about power, pure naked power.

Oooh, ...

They are coming for your firearms because a disarmed people can't resist.

When Mr. Charles Hugh Smith speaks, I listen.

I hope Mr. Kunstler is wrong.

But, ...

Hope isn't a plan, so plan accordingly.

Red Hoodie
Oooh, ... I wonder what the motive was?

First, ... It begins.

Second, ... I told you so.

Third, ... Always remember

Registration leads to confiscation.

Aaah, ...

I love how Liberals blame Israel for the problems that the Palastinians' government created.

Because, ...

If they hadn't wanted to kill every Jew, tried to destroy the the nation of Israel, and ... Instead had worked with Israel. The Palastinian people wouldn't be facing this situation.

Oooh, ...

Since we accept refugees from this area of the world, our country is also facing this problem.

Tax Returns
Soo, ... Besides trying to confiscate your firearms, Democrats are going to force you to reveal your tax returns, if you are nominated for President or Vice President.

Well, ...

If it's good for the Gander, the President, it should be good for the Goose, every other federally elected official.

They hate you.

They will kill your women.

They will kill your children

They will kill you.

They need to die

Overall, the United Nations is an organization that needs to be supported, by these United States.

With that said, ...

We don't need to support every department of that cesspool.

War Crimes
It might take them a little while, but they will come for you.

People have been telling us for years to get financially prepared for the tough times ahead.

So, ...

I have no sympaty, especially for federal government employees

I agree.


"So, let the circus begin on Capital Hill. Let them kick out the jams, as we used to say back in Woodstock era. Let Nancy Pelosi finish the work that the Democratic Party started with the election of 2016 — its own destruction as a viable political force. Let all the darkness and malice be wrung out of it so the country can return to its senses and start paying attention to things that really matter, backed by institutions that people of good faith can believe in."

"Financial crises, in contrast, remain a constant feature of the modern era, and developed-world nations are perhaps even more vulnerable to financial disorder than developing nations."

"Why exercise alone won’t save us"

"The question never considered is what happens when the warnings prove to be correct, but no one is taking notice."

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