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Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Семья офицера (ca unk)
Vitold Muratov

I was talking to a guy at work. He mentioned that one of our coworkers comes from a big family, something like 13 children, and he has a big family, about seven children, and two of his daughters moved back to the family's home town, and they have several children, and two of our coworkers' brothers also live in town, and they are a close family.

Wow, ...

Think about the potential that one family has during an event. They are closely integrated, have a lot of family, have a variety of expertise, and ... They eat a lot of food.

Dog Team (ca unk)

When I was growing up, I was required to read Jack London's Call of the Wild. In one of the novella's scenes, I remember, two or three characters talking about the best  number of dogs to pull a sled.

In the scene, a younger character comments about how he is going to get 12 dogs to pull his sled, so he and his dog team can travel really fast to the Alaskan gold fields. Another character, an old timer, told him getting 12 dogs was a poor idea and to get only six dogs. Needless to say, the third character asks why only six dogs.

The old timer explained that a group of six dogs can carry all the food it needs to eat during a journey, while a group of 12 dogs can't carry enough food to make the journey, requiring the dog's owners to kill the dogs, ... reaching the gold fields at the same time.

Robert Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, and Isaac Asimov,
Philadelphia Navy Yard, (ca 1944)
retouched photograph by

Normally, I'll tell you reading books like Wolf and Iron, Fire and Ice, Patriots: ..., Alas, Babylon, and many others are a waste of time.

But, ...

They are worth your time, especially if you critically think about the situations that are explored in the novels, novellas, and short stories.

Take World War Z by Max Brooks. In the book, the narrator interviews many people about their experiences during an overwhelming disaster, that starts slowly but quickly engulfs the world.

Or, ...

As you read One Second After by William R. Forstchen, ask yourself such questions, as ...

How did these characters answer the challenges of providing shelter, water, food, medical care, protection, and the other necessities required for survival?

What decisions did these fictional families make?

How did they make them? Did they use ...

The Union Minister for Finance,
Corporate Affairs and Information & Broadcasting,
Shri Arun Jaitley chairing the brain storming meeting
on budget 2016-17 with economists,
at NITI Aayog, in New Delhi (ca 2015)
Press Information Bureau
on behalf of
the Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Brain Storming
Yeap, ... Here's an example where family is important.

First, do you have a fifth grader or someone that has recently been through fifth grade, say the last five years?

If you do, stop reading. If you don't, read on.

With that said, ...

Brain Storming is a method of getting ideas or solutions to a problem, so people may consider them, later.

So, ...

First, you call your group together. It can be your family, a group of relatives, or a collection of people from work, sports teams, and other places.

Next, you explain the rules:

* There are No Dumb Ideas

* Don't Criticize Other People's Ideas

* Build on Other People's Ideas

* Reverse the Thought of 'Quality over Quantity'

Second, once you have all these ideas, you and a select group sift through the ideas and ask these questions:

Which Ideas are Feasible?

Which Ideas are Doable, with the resources at hand?

Which Ideas will Work, within your timeframe

I have to go.

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So, ...

If you don't like these rules, search around, you can find others.

Heck, ...

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