Monday, October 1, 2018

Volume Four: Number Forty

For many years, the number of illegal immigrants living and working in these United States has been under counted, according to many commentators, so this study is a wake up call.

Doom and Gloom

1.4 Million










Medical Records

Public Schools




Things You Might Want to Think About

They lost the vote.

Now, they want a do over

Conservatives, 'Whites,' Christians, Males, and several other so-called identifiable groups won't be 'identifiable.'

Folks, nothing has changed.

Matter of fact, it may have gotten worse.

Chemical Weapons
Yes, ... Your neighbor could be making them.

Just think, ... Your retirement system might be in the same situation, spending your retirement funds on unnecessary fees and payments.

Ha, Ha, Ha
I get it.

Do you?

When someone tells you that they want to kill you, you believe them.

If you ignore them, then help the same people build an atomic bomb and a missile to launch it to your country, ... You're stupid.

Not One More
First, ... These advertisments aren't about firearms safety. They're about taking your rights to defend yourself and your family.

Second, ... Notice, Everytown for Gun Safety is helping Democrats.

Third, ... If you have been here for anytime, you know how to prevent so-called gun violence, purchase a firearm, learn how to effectively use it, and carry it, everyday.

And, ...

Vote for the people that trust you to own a firearm.

Just another example showing that people will give up their rights for a little bit of safety.

Smith & Wesson makes firearms. Firearms are used in 'gun violence.'

Smith & Wesson firearms already have safeties. Plus, the bullet, almost, always comes out of the end pointing away from the person using the firearm.

What more do they need?

Ooooh, that's right.

They need you and your family disarmed, so they can tell you what to believe.

President Donald Trump
Wow, ... Just Wow.

Food, Medicine, and ... Hair Care Products?


"It would be better not to have to ask that question."

"The aerospace industry is particularly concerned with spacecraft collisions because these accidents can create multiple pieces of debris zooming through space at thousands of miles per hour. And these fragments can threaten other spacecraft in orbit, causing further crashes and damage. Many are concerned that these collisions could cause a cascade effect, where crashes become more and more frequent so that low Earth orbit becomes too crowded to safely sustain satellites — a hypothetical future referred to as the Kessler syndrome. ..."

"What could possibly go wrong?"

"Kavanaugh’s 1st day at USSC:

Walks into Clarence Thomas’ chambers.

Thomas shakes his hand and nods. Hands Kav a glass.

Kav takes a sip of his rye

Kav: “Let’s burn this motherfucker to the ground.”

Thomas grins."

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