Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Wednesday: 17 October 2018, Part Four

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Supermarket... with Guns. Cool (ca 2008)
photograph by
Marcin Wichary

No. No! NO!
I completely and totally disagree with purchasing ammunition and firearms to sell or barter during tough times.

There is a potential for the firearm and ammunition to be used against you. Plus, you might have some folks show up, with just their everyday carry (EDC), that you need to arm.

With that said, ...

It's something that you might want to think about, if ...

You have everything else squared away, such as an emergency fund, secure shelter, filled water containers, lots and lots of long-term food storage, medical supplies, firearms and ammunition for you and your family, weather alert radio, several tens, maybe hundreds, of ounces of silver, ...

The Modern Survivalist - 5 Best guns for Barter/Sell after SHTF

Ha. Ha! HA!
One out of five isn't bad

With that said, ... I'll have to write an article with my suggestions.

NRA Family - 5 Great Survival Guns

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