Monday, May 14, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty

The Barn
Mimi Nieman

Do you care what happens to an insect? How about a mouse or rat? A cat or a dog? A horse or a human? How about a stranger? A criminal?

The reason I ask; I have been thinking. What happens when Artificial Intelligence controls everything?

Take HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  He is tasked with making sure the mission is completed, so he kills all of the humans to prevent an error.

In another science fiction story, thousands of humans die because the AI gets distracted, forgetting to maintain the proper air quality.

Recently, autonomous vehicles have killed two people.

Doom and Gloom


Bill and Ted







Runny Nose


Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism



Things You Might Want to Think About

8 out of 10
Purchase a firearm, carry it, and elect people that agree with you, so you and your family can make that 10 out of 10

I didn't see any mention of the illegal use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, or Explosives, so ...

Why was the ATFE there, in the first place?

Bump Stocks
Make no mistake, elected officials are stealing your civil rights, one piece at a time

A bunch a 'black' students beat up two 'black' students, but ...

The article fails to mention that fact.

It's back.

It's a nice gesture, but a nicer gesture would be for these folks to buy some 'gay' folks a firearm or get them some firearms training.

Good Intentions 
Needless to say, some folks were thinking, 'This would be so nice for those poor people.'

Hit the Road
Finally, almost everyone understands where Dick's really stands,

And, ...

They're doing something about it, like Mossberg, Hi-Point, Springfield Armory, and ...

Yeap, another opportunity for the local credit union to undermine the big financial institutions.

Folks, ... When you go to purchase a firearm, off of Craigslist, in the local grocery store's parking lot, you are asking for trouble.

Ooh, ...

Not a lynching, probably just a good ol' robbery/murder scheme

You know the deal, ...

Registry leads to confiscation, imprisonment, and

Folks, don't let your kids play sports with disrespectful coaches.

I guess Ms. Clarissa Hamlin is cool with unknown people sleeping in her home.

Social Credit
Just in case you didn't understand the

I would like to talk about several things.

First, you and your family are a target for many villains.

Second, there are Russian Muslims. Heck, there are lots of Muslims living everywhere.

Third, Villains work with other villains, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee, to do bad things for other villains.

Fourth, ... Trust everyone, but verify everything, including me.

When people start talking about the 'Nobility' of the so-called white race, I think of people like him.


"AI is quickly transforming American life and American business."

"Elected officials who promote alternate realities along with those who let it happen and don’t say anything — are creating one of the most serious dangers facing democracies, said Bloomberg"

"Self-defense is a human right."

"When thinking about what’s happening to us, the question is not how best to get people cheap stuff. It is about the kind of society we want the type of people we want in it."

"Before you tell me what you "know," tell me your sources"

"Stop making the Due Process argument. No one cares about that but us, and we’re already convinced."

"... researchers in China and the United States have begun demonstrating that they can send hidden commands that are undetectable to the human ear to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant."

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Aerial View

Aerial View

The Wholesale district

Looking north

Another View


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