Monday, May 28, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Two

Alton National Cemetery,
Alton, Illinois (ca 2014)
photograph by

Memorial Day
On this day, our nation honors the men and women that paid the ultimate price, in service to the country. Men and women such as 1st Lt. Jennifer M. Moreno, Master Sgt. Jonathan Dunbar, Specialist Katrina Bell-Johnson, Army Spec. Gabriel D. Conde, Lt. Colonel Annie Ruth Graham, Spc. Robert duSang, First Lieutenant Hedwig Diane Orlowski, Spc. Javion Shavonte Sullivan, Sgt. Christina Marie Schoenecker, Staff Sgt. Conrad Robinson, Captain Mary Therese Klinker, ...

So, ...

Remember the fallen, this day.

And, ..

Don't thank a vet, they will be insulted

Don't thank a cop, firefighter, or any other civilians, they don't deserve it.

Don't thank a politician, they are scum.

Doom and Gloom

30 September, 2018

The Big Island



Dog Flu



Nipah Virus



San Antonio






Things You Might Want to Think About

Blah, Blah, Blah
.. Infringe your rights

We have several choices, only one or two any good for our young men.

First, ... We have to shut off the video games

Second, ... We have to shut off the modern schools

Third, ... We have to start being men, again

Fourth, ... We have to leave this planet to explore and settle the frontier

A Blast from the Past (Read the Links, too)
Five years ago, a group of senior retired military officers came down on the side of freedom gun control. They believed you and your family shouldn't own modern weapons to protect yourselves from an oppressive military.

Needless to say, ... These retired officers are delusional.


Any of the so-called permitted weapons, under their tyranny, could still be used to kill a soldier and take her M-4 carbine, M-9 pistol, or ... M-240 machine gun.

Cashing In
I love the Obamas.

They always make a wonderful example for how corrupt, dishonest, and sleazy politicians can be, since the Clintons haven't been in the news, lately.

Everybody has the right to a fair trial. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Everybody has the right to their privacy.

If you believe these basic tenents, ...

You support the judge sending Mr. Robinson to jail.

The Enlightenment
To defend the future, we must know the past; we must stand on the shoulders of giants.

Folks, ... Don't discount gangs and their leaders. They will be dangerous to you and your family during an event.

Heroes come in all shape and sizes. Some wear camoflauge, while some wear white.

Like other 'blacks,' I understand that all 'blacks' aren't criminals, welfare queens, gangstas, or ...

Like other Hispanics, I understand that all Latinos aren't gang members, illegals, or ...

Like other Christians, I understand that all Christians aren't abortion clinic bombers, members of the Klu Klux Klan, or ..

Well, ...

Like some Muslims, I understand that some Muslims are terrorists, anti-freedom, or want to subjugate everyone else.


It's tough being a parent. You have to watch over your kid, insure they are making good choices, have good friends, and the other things.

Plus, .. Counter anti-Israel propaganda

What will happen to you?

This t-shirt is awesome!

Yeap, ...
Folks want to take your freedoms away.


"It is going to be a fun summer."

"In truth, against unarmored individuals, there’s hardly anything more deadly than a 12 gauge shotgun. Well, maybe a 10 gauge shotgun. I believe our opponents aren’t going to go whole hog on this one, for a couple of reasons:..."

"The one truth among all the lies is that the media will never stop lying about Israel."

"This mendacious exercise in manufacturing paranoia seeks to divert the public’s attention from the actual matter at hand, which is whether the highest higher-ups in the FBI will hand over documents to congressional committees who demanded them, as they are entitled to do by the constitution."

"This Is People Deliberately Profiting from Rage"

"The number of small businesses that suddenly close will surprise them; the number of homeowners jingle-mailing their "ownership" (i.e. obligation to pay soaring property taxes) to lenders will surprise them; the number of employees being laid off will surprise them, and the collapse of new credit being issued will surprise them"

"You put him in a cage, you put him back in the jungle, or you put him to sleep."

"Ald. David Moore (17th) cast the only no vote, concerned about where the city would get the $175 million for public infrastructure funds tied to the project."

"Parkland Shooting Exploiter"

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That's Just the Way it Was: Sheridan County, Kansas (ca 1939)

Family of Mr. and Mrs. Schoenfeldt

Sod house of the Schoenfeldts, FSA (Farm Security Administration) clients.

Mr. Shoenfeldt and son at the entrance to the fruit cellar which they built for six dollars and twenty cents.

Mrs. Schoenfeldt, FSA (Farm Security Administration) client, in the fruit cellar

Chickens are an important part of the live at home program for the Shoenfeldt family.

Mr. Shoenfeldt holding a watermelon grown in his tile garden. Tile gardens are an important part of the FSA subsistence farm program. He had vegetables and melons while his neighbors had none this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Schoenfeldt pulling beets from their tile garden. Tile gardens are a part of the FSA (Farm Security Administration) program in the former dust bowl

The eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Schoenfeldt with cows and horses belonging to the Schoenfeldt family, Russian-German FSA clients.

Driving in a flock of turkeys on the Schoenfeldt farm, Russian-German

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