Monday, May 7, 2018

Volume Four: Number Nineteen

사시팔경도 (만춘)
Ahn Gyeon
(15th Century)

My Weekend
Last week, on Wednesday, my supervisor walked into the office and said, 'Go Home, Now!' It seems, severe weather was predicted, so everybody left work, a half an hour early.

Cool, ... Since I was taking a couple vacation days, but there was a traffic jam, getting out of the parking lot, so I got home, at my normal time, 10:30 pm.

Well, ...

I immediately walked out to one of our fields and started pinning recently installed weed barrier cloth. It seems the weather was going to get windy and rainy, so it needed properly secured.

Katniss and I finished about midnight,. (Really it was 12:15 am because Katniss was keeping track ; - )

On Thursday, we hopped out of bed, got dressed, brushed our teeth, and drove for 10 hours to Holland, Michigan.

I wish, I could say, we were going to the annual Tulip festival, but alas we were there for an eight o'clock pickup, on Friday.

The pickup went according to plan, so we left for a ten hour drive home. ... We though!

Twelve hour later, with a side trip to buy some supplies, Katniss and I arrived home, tired and sleepy.

We hopped into bed, slept for eight hours and hopped out of bed, to brush our teeth.

And, ... Started planting our new business.

Over the next three days, (That's right. It's 9:30ish pm on Monday) Katniss, a wonderful young lady, and I burned holes in weed control cloth, dug holes, and planted plants for the next three days.

So, ... Thanks for understanding.

Doom and Gloom







Nurse's Aid



Things You Might Want to Think About

Biological Warfare


It's not that fuel is getting more expensive. It's our currency is getting worth less.

Not Yet

Rent Control

As Ol' Remus, from Yer Ol' Woodpile Report, says ...

Stay away from crowds


I don't care that he spied for our greatest ally in the Middle East.

Jonathan Pollard should have be hung, by his neck, until he is dead, after he had been wrung dry of every secret about the Israeli spying operation.


"Personally, I expect our collapse to be as sudden and unexpected as the USSR’s, but probably bloodier because there’s simply more stuff just lying around to fight over. Of course, I expect the collapse to express itself first in banking, finance, and markets — being so deeply faith-based and so subject to simple failures of faith. But it will become political and social soon enough, maybe all-at once. And when it happens in the USA, it will spread through the financial systems the whole world round."

"The real threat to the republic, however, lies not in the weapons available but in the unlimited and unaccountable bureaucracy in Washington that deploys them, both at home and abroad."

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