Monday, December 18, 2017

Volume Three: Number Fifty-One

I'll be back.

National Public Radio
Recently, I was listening to Ira Glass, on This American Life, and they were talking about a small town in Alabama. It seems, twenty years ago, Albertville had an influx of immigrants.

It least thats what they wanted you to believe.

Oooh, This American Life pulled out all the stops talking about how wonderful the immigrants culture added to the community. How the misunderstanding have been resolved by people talking to each, getting to know each other, and not listening to the haters.

The program mentioned the town's prejudice against the immigrants. How the schools overcame their prejudice and reached out to the immigrant families. How the immigrants really add to property values. How the immigrants add to the tax base in the city, county, and state. The program even mentioned how successful the second generation of immigrants, English-speaking, are doing well in college.

It was a informative program. The only problem.

These so-called immigrants are ...


Doom and Gloom





Things You Might Want to Think About

What do you mean, 'They're not blond white guys wearing black uniforms?'

I have an aunt, a nice sweet lady. Early in her life, she made some mistakes. She run up some credit card debt, $60,000 worth. Over the next twenty to thirty years she paid her payments then one day she retired.

Well, ... Since she wasn't making as much money, she declared bankruptcy.

Needless to say, the folks she owed the money to said, 'You're good. You have paid us all these years, so you don't owe us anything.'

Fiat Currency
Yeap, one 'coin' is worth 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars.

But, ...

It's still back by nothing, not even a promise from some government to give you back your cash, if for some reason you accidentally destroy it.

Get Out, Now!
Moving is a very personal question that you and your family need to answer.

Whether to pick-up everything, move across the state, to a different country, that is something that only you and your family can answer.

Just understand, you might end up like the Jews.

Some people shout about the so-called Illegal Mexicans screwing up this country.


It's all illegals, not just the illegal Hispanics

Folks, some terrorists are going to try and kill people 'retail,' while some are going to try and kill 'wholesale.'

And, ...

Some terrorists are looking to kill. They want to bring the whole system down.

Just like the Yippies (violent hippies, like Bill Ayers)



"... believes immigrants must assimilate to America’s traditional Anglo-Protestant culture, speak its language, respect its laws and institutions, and venerate its culture and heroes."

"... without electricity, there is ..."

"But there is also the possibility that such a civilisation will have hostile intentions and risk our existence, so we should deliberate carefully in any future contact with them."

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