Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday's Thoiughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Yesterday, we talked about me buying 19.923492846912847 shares of GE stock.

Well, ...

What could you purchase, to increase your family's chance to survive the tough times ahead, for $300?

I'm a big fan of knowing more stuff, how to build a shelter, how to raise livestock, how to collect and process water for drinking, and ... much, much, more.

One place to get that information is reading and watching the internet. There are many good blogs (some great) that provide that information while YouTube and Full 360 have awesome, great, fantastic, educational, and ... videos to watch.

Another place is your community's local community college. They may have many regular courses that can help you survive the tough times ahead and some nontraditional classes, too.

The next place to learn about many different subjects related to emergency preparedness is ...

Backwoods Home Magazine
I'm not a big fan of storing electronic media for an event. The downside is too great for some events.

With that said, having a few SD cards, in the 1.21 gigawatts range, would be perfect for different events. Add a solar recharging rig, and your family would have access to ...

I apologize, so back to my point.

Backwoods Home Magazine sells a yearly anthology that contains all of the articles from that year. They are currently having a sale with many of the issues priced at $10. Plus, they have many different books and handbooks covering specific information, such as cooking/recipes, energy, firearms/hunting, and many others.

As you can see, I am an important fan of obtaining important books, so I can access important information that might be important for my important family to survive an event.

Ha, Ha, ha

I apologize, back to my point, again ; - )

Either Way
Backwoods Home Magazine allows you and your family to give preparedness related Christ's Mass presents for everyone in the family, for $10 to $300

Backwoods Home Magazine - Home

Backwoods Home Magazine - Specials

Backwoods Home Magazine - Emergency Preparedness and Survival Set

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