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Volume Three: Number Forty-Eight

Paseo de Ribalta
Vicente Castell

When it comes to prepping, Katniss, my wife, wasn't on board in the very beginning.

However, ...

Over the years, as various events have happened across the country, she has come to understand the importance of preparing for the logical events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, unemployment, winter storms, power outages, and many others.

Needless to say, ...

These past few years has shown her that we, as a family, must also get prepared for some of the more extreme events, such as the financial collapse of these United States, a nuclear attack, terrorism in our schools, churches, shopping centers, or sports stadiums, and a few other events.


I have never wavered from my commitment to protect my family.

Doom and Gloom

Black Death

Boko Haram



Dead Hand












The Vietnam War

Things You Might Want to Think About

We, these United States, have a choice; we can choose isolation or engagement.

Either way, ...

We need to make sure our government is telling the truth and open about the facts of our country's commitments.

For folks that are thinking about the future, especially the future of employment, I want you and your family to think about one question, for today.

What could your family do, that is so important, that people would give you money?

Yeap, they don't want to take your guns firearms away.

They just want to take away your constitutional rights.

The 'Big' One
Several months ago, a trusted seismologist, Dr Lucy Jones from the US Geological Survey warned that a large earthquake would occur very soon in California. She further warned that people were discounting the possibility of this earthquake.

Well, ...

A few days ago, 134 earthquakes hit California.

Coal Powered
Some day, I'm going to take the time and investigate how much power these United States needs to power our homes, business, and industry.

Until then, ...

I'm going to call these types of articles 'bullsh*t'

There is a process to becoming a citizen of these United States. Fill out the forms, pay a fee, wait a few years, raise your right hand, swear allegiance, then you get to vote, in this republic. (FYI, These United States isn't a democracy)

Until then, ...

These folks are criminals

When was a 25 year old, a young person?

For the sake of fairness, these United States does 'Freedom of Navigation Patrols' and visits other countries all over the world.

So, ...

As long as the Iranian warships and their support vessels stay in international waters, these tours are just that .. tours with the purpose of training Iranian sailors. Sailors that can be friends or enemies.

Nuclear Attack
Seriously, someone can figure out the mind of a mad man?

I doubt it.

Want to bet, that the family will be running for their lives, in a few weeks?

New York Times
I hate it when folks get things wrong or they forget the past, like the New York Times (NYT).

First, the Nazis Traditionalist Worker Party is a leftist organization.

Second, Tony Hovater, like most people, forget the fact that other people were killed by the Nazis. People like him.

You and your partner, probably, think about violence during an event, such as your neighbors hurting your family to take your food, rape your daughters or sons, and other criminal acts.

Well, ...

There a few ways to prevent these events.

First, you and your family can be 'on guard' by having a big enough group to have guards to protect each other.

Second, your family can have a quick and effective response to an event, so the attacker is injured or killed before the villain can cause harm to your family.

Third, your family can hunt down and kill all the villains, after they have harmed you and your family

Guess which one is the least effective?

It's simple.

Thomas B. Jadlowski The dirt bag should go to prison after a fair trial, of course.

Here's some ideas to get your friends and family to understand the dangers of Socialism.


"It's difficult to assess how many recent buyers, borrowers, and renters are marginal, but given the stagnation in household incomes and rising debt loads, it seems reasonable to quess that a substantial number of recent buyers, borrowers, and renters are one lay-off or missed bonus or one unexpected expense away from being unable o pay their mortgage, loan payment, or rent."

"There are three main critiques of big tech."

"The U.S.A. and Russia are both strong, and we have to have political wisdom to stay away from their clashes," he said."

"The end of this safety dance is a world in which no one is safe because the collective gives, the collective takes away, and it never stops looking for heretics."

"... there would be no guarantee that the endeavour would ultimately be successful for at least hundreds and possibly thousands of years."

"... rejoice that we live in a truly exceptional country."

"The thoughts and prayers of the entire team onboard Ronald Reagan go out to the families and friends of our fallen shipmates,” Capt. Michael Wosje, Commander, Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW 5) said. “We are thankful for our professional search and rescue teams and their incredible bravery. The entire Navy team is working together to investigate the cause of this mishap and we will remain focused on our mission to operate forward in a safe and professional manner to ensure peace and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region." 

"This is an attempt to apply pressure to deplatform a legal, American business selling legal products to law-abiding customers,” he said."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Bensenville, Ill (ca 1943)

General view of part of the Bensenville freight yard of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.

Switching operations in Bensenville yard of the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad

Switching carloads of pipe for the "Big Inch" pipeline, for transfer to eastern railroads by the Chicago, Milwaukeem Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad

Pipe for the "Big Inch" line, being switched at the Bensenville Yard for transfer to the eastern railroads by the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad

Track repair work at the Bensenville yard of the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad

Gandy-dancer crew working in Bensenville yard of the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad

The "Midwest Hiawatha" of the Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad speeding through Bensenville, Illinois

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