Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday: 14 June 2017

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Cpl Dustin D. March

This might be the only blurb, you see today.

So, ...

Yeah, yeah, you and your family already know the easiest method of dealing with an event is to evacuate, right?

Well, ...

Did you know that you need to have a place that is expecting you during an event?

You did?

Did you know that you need to store supplies at this place, that is expecting you and you family, like a relative, friend, or your family's vacation home retreat?

You did?

Did you know that you and your partner need to ensure these supplies are protected from varmits, rodents, and other critters?

You did?

How about that 30 and 55 gallon open head metal drum with lids (metal trashcans) are the 'best' method for protecting clothing, shoes, food, and other easily damaged supplies from critters?

You did?

How about that you can purchase used metal drum from a local industrial surplus place, farm and home store (metal trashcans), and internet businesses?

Or, ...

You can buy brand new metal drums for a little bit (O.K. a lot of bit) of money?

And, ...

Used metal barrels can be cleaned at the local car wash using the pressure washer, allow them to dry, paint the inside with an appropriate primer (One commenter, from the link, likes white paint), line with a very large plastic 'trash' bag then fill with your supplies?

You did?

How about that you and your partner can purchase new metal open head barrels from places on the internet?

Or, ...

From a local place, "If" you live in a 'big' city?

You did?

How about that you can use mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and moisture absorbers to store the supplies for a very, very, very, long time?

You did?

How about that these metal drums must be placed on a pallet, wooded dunnage, or other material to lift the barrels up, off of the ground to allow air circulation, to prevent the barrels from rusting?

You did?

Then you don't need to read this linked article or its comments ; - )

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