Monday, June 5, 2017

Volume Three: Number Twenty-Three

Mary Cassatt

Here in these United Sates, we take water for granted. Turn a spigot and out comes clean, potable water to drink, wash, or bath  ...

Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled blurb, about water, but ...

Europe is under attack and soon these United States will see similar attacks by Muslims. as terrorists target soft targets like shopping malls, schools, grocery stores, and any other place that restricts carrying concealed firearms.

There are several ways our country can counter these attacks, without destroying the Constitution of these United States.

First, restrict immigration into this country, by Muslims.

Second, remove restrictions to carrying firearms in schools, shopping malls, grocery stores, government buildings, and ... everywhere else that it's restricted.

Third, stop the blanket surveillance and start getting those court orders to investigate Muslims here in these United States.

Fourth, our country needs to rethink our strategy in the Middle East. Don't withdraw, but evaluate our current strategy and make changes.

Ooooh, in other words, ... Let's stop taking sides (Sunni or Shea) and start expanding the 'empire.'

Doom and Gloom



Brush Fire

Car Bomb


Economic Slowdown





Terrorism, Again


Things You Might Want to Think About

We will probably see more and more of these 'artists,' until we can't use the internet.

A group of people have been investigating Chinese factories for 17 years. Recently, the group has established that a group of factories is violating Chinese labor laws. Next, the Government tells the activist/investigators not to leave the country, which is common. Next, investigators have disappeared or been arrested for 'illegal monitoring.'

Needless to say, ... It's all President Trump's fault

Like the rest of this country, there are multiple 'Harvards.' There is the one of old and the one of the new.

The only problem, ...

The 'New' is resting on the laurels of the 'old Harvard.'

For thirty years, a criminal lived illegally in these United States. Finally, he is arrested and faces deportation.

Needless to say, ... He is considered a model citizen, by some people.

The Rich
One of the ways to insure your family's survival during tough times is to cater to the 'rich.'

Or, ...

The folks that cater to the rich.

Same Old Story
I'm cool about protecting children from firearm's accidents.

Well, ...

Some folks want to child-proof you, too

The best way to protect children from getting injured or killed, by a firearm, is to gun-proof the child

As we enter a new phase of history, our country can decide to take part in the world or close upon ourselves.

And, ... We can do it violently or we can do it by earning a profit

Wild Animals
Folks, that Sea Lion was getting lunch.


"Apparently I have missed Memorial Day by being on the road in Guanajuato. I gather I should have thanked Our Boys for their service to the exceptional nation. I will pass. My tolerance for nauseating twaddle has diminished with the years."

"The only way the West has any chance of defeating the demographic and ideological challenges facing it is to first hang all of the people currently in charge."

"Whether it is a misunderstanding of reality by the educated people who work on Cable TV news, or a malicious twisting of the public’s credulity, it is producing a grievous breakdown in collective coherence with the potential of causing enormous political mischief in American life. The Dem/Prog “resistance” may think that it is taking a bold stand against a rogue government, but it is only making itself look dangerously unreliable as a supposed alternative to Trumpism."

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That's Just the Way it Was: U.S. Territory of Hawaii (ca 1943 and 1941)

These Americans of Japanese ancestry from the village of Aiea, Territory of Hawaii, couldn't wait for official announcement of creation of a combat regiment of Americans of Japanese ancestry. They went to their draft board at Waipahu, asked for voluntary induction applications so they could be first in line when the regiment was formed. Yoshito Matsusaka (extreme left), thirty-six, and Yaso Abe(third from left), thirty-four, are both former lieutenants in the U.S. Army Reserve

 Disregarding the dangerous possibilities of explosions, United States sailors man their boats at the side of the burning battleship, USS West Virginia, to better fight the flames started by Japanese torpedoes and bombs. Note the national colors flying against the smoke-blackened sky

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