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Volume Three: Number Twenty-Five

Я и деревня
Marc Chagall

A few years ago, I was reading a series of books about humans losing the ability to use electricity, gun powder, and other technology. I think the first book is titled Dies the Fire

Well, ... My brother Spartan cautioned me that the book presents a favorable view of Paganism, better known as Witchcraft.

Needless to say, Spartan is correct. The book series does present a favorable view of Witches and Paganism to the reader and this leads to my first point.

Dang it, I have already written something similar, so let me start again.

Over the weekend, these United States' naval aircraft shot down a Syrian bomber that was attacking our 'allies.'

Needless to say, this event could cause repercussions that could escalate into a shooting war with Russia, across the globe, with China siding with the Russian in a 'marriage of convenience.'

Dang it, I also wrote something similar, so let me try again.

Stock prices have risen to extreme highs with the technicals; P/E ratio, Beta, and other things I don't truly understand; pointing to a possible market correction. A market correction that might reduce my portfolio to less than half of its current value.

Dang it, again!

How about terrorism coming to our countries?

Dang it!

Global climate change?

Dang it!!

The importance of you and your family being prepared?

Dang it!!!

Needless to say, I always repeat myself when I say ...

You and your family need to be getting prepared for the tough times ahead.

Doom and Gloom



Boarding Passes



Hot Springs





National Socialism 

Not Winning




Test Run

Things You Might Want to Think About

3rd Rock
Awesome, Fantastic, Wonderful, Interesting, and much more.

But, ...

We, humans, need to get off this planet, so we can see these places with our own eyes.

Oooh, ... And possibly save the Human Race at the same time.

As always, when someone, especially a famous or connected person, is shoot by a deranged, liberal, scumbag. (using a SKS Rifle) The other scumbags come running to try and curtail our freedom.

I especially like this quote, ... "We should emulate the courage of the Capitol Police officers who ran toward danger, selflessly putting the safety of those they protect before their own, and the Alexandria officers who responded with force within three minutes of the attack." ... because it shows us why we need to disregard these gun-control anti-freedom scumbags.

First, the police officers were armed. They had guns, so they could run towards the shooting and put the scumbag down before he shot another person.

Two, the police (your backup) are only minutes away while your family only have seconds to protect themselves.

Third, ... Can you say, Practice Run

Lastly, all I hear is chirping crickets when it comes to a liberal shooting a 'white' man.

I'm cool with people boycotting businesses, meetings, and ... visiting the White House, to see the President.

As long as, they're o.k. with me boycotting their sponsors, team, and other things they support.

Dirty Bomb
Just think, a country can build a nuclear weapon, but they can't build a intercontinental ballistic missile.

So, ...

They put a nuclear bomb, a real one, in a cargo container,and put on a ship headed to ...

It's great that a young lady was able to save her friend's life, using a technique learned from a fictional (fake) character.

Needless to say, it would have been better that she had learned it from the local Red Cross, 4H, or other nonfiction 'real' source.

Some Dude and his scumbag protege shoot up Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area, killing ten people. Some Dude gets whacked (executed), while the protege gets life without the possibility of parole, instead of the death penalty.

Now, the scumbag protege wants out because his lawyers say his sentence was unconstitutional.


I say let him out, then no jury will ever spare another scumbag's life, again.

Humans need to go to Mars, for various reasons.

But, ... We don't need cabins, lecture halls, in-orbit refueling, or government subsidies.

Open Carry
First, I'll take the security service's explanation about the shooting, that it's not terrorism.

Second, this is one reason you and your family need to carry your defensive weapons concealed.

The Iranians have built nuclear weapons, and now, they are working on perfecting a ballistic missile to launch a nuclear bomb to Europe or these United States.

So, ...

I can understand toughing the sanctions, especially when the senate rolled over for President Obama, for eight years. They need to look tough, now.

What I don't understand, ...

Why did the senate bundle those measures with sanctions against Russia?

Especially when, more likely than not, they will be our allies in a few short months.

I would love to be in on the 'secret' meetings about all this stuff ; - )


"We're in a boiling-point crisis of exploitive elites"

"The culture of the ghetto opposes everything usually believed proper in an advanced  society: high academic standards, equality of opportunity, good English, minimal obscenity, equality under the law, low rates of crime, reasonable self-reliance, freedom of speech. Black culture, intensely racist, encourages none of these and opposes most. It is tribal, based on identity, instead of principle."

"This will not end well."

"What we are seeing with Tesla is pretty much what we saw with Amazon. Tesla is a great show so the tax subsidies will not be shut off. Amazon avoided paying sales taxes for years this way. Rich people think Musk is cool and it is currently hip to have one of his cars as a toy, so there will be no push to cut the apron strings. That means Wall Street investors will stay in the game, even though they have people who know there is zero chance for Tesla to profitably make cars anytime soon."

So for Christ’s sake, for the dozenth or so time: don’t talk to the fucking media or Comedy Central.

"... If the possibility of all that even occupies some remote corner of their brains, they surely don’t know how to prepare the citizenry for it, or what to do about it. The truth is that societies respond emergently to major crises like the imminent unraveling of our financialized economy, often in disorderly and surprising ways. ..."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Washington, D.C. (ca 1935)

Front of Negro home near Capitol, Washington, D.C. Interiors of these homes vary little. A chair or two and a table, a bed and perhaps an extra mattress on the floor cares for six to ten people

Kitchen of Negro dwelling in slum area near House office building, Washington, D.C.

 Backyard of Negro dwelling in slum area near the House office building, Washington, D.C.

Old wooden shacks on left of picture inhabited by whites and Negroes. Many of these houses have no inside water supply or toilet.

Backyard and privy near Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. The pump on the right supplies water for the house back of privy

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