Monday, February 6, 2017

Volume Three: Number Six

Vue du canal Saint-Martin
Alfred Sisley

Emergency Evacuation
The easiest method of dealing with an on-coming event is to get out, quickly. The same goes for an on-going event, too.

All you do is leave.

That's right. When the smoke alarm sounds, you and your family leave the restaurant, hotel, or your home.

But, ... You and your family need to have a know rally point. For a hotel, restaurant, or other public place, your family can have a standard operating procedure (SOP) of always going to the family car. Since the family car, probably, has some of your family's emergency supplies, it makes a logical known point to rally the family.

But, ... That means, you and your partner must park away from the building, so your car doesn't get involved with any events.

For other threats, such as a hurricane, you and your family 'get out' when the evacuation order is announced or before. 'Cause you know there is going to be a traffic jam ; - )

For some preppers, we (you and your family) are getting ready for a big one, like an economic collapse, regional earthquake, or other wide ranging event. For these, you and your family need an out of state destination or rally point. This could be a friend's or a relative's home in another state.

Of course, there is a little more to this such as making coordination with these folks and having an appropriate cache.

More about that, ... later.

Doom and Gloom

The Arctic

Distressed Loans


Hit Squads 

Pole Shift


Trade War 



Things You Might Want to Think About

Believe Them
When a group of people start chanting we need to start killing people, you and your family better believe them.

Folks are lying to you; on the facebook, singing bird, insta-telegram, and other so-called social media; trying to get you and your family to believe their viewpoints.

Know this, ...

Every decision has consequences, including indecision.

Some decisions will lead to disaster, and some decisions will lead to glory

We know some of the disasters, but not all of them

All disasters lead to opportunity, if we survive

Needless to say, for now, we don't know much about the attacker and his motives, but we're able to condemn the attack against unarmed men and women, either muslim, christian, or atheist.

With that said, if you believe muslims are a threat to your country, you should use legal and political methods to remove muslims from your country.

Get It Right
Being a professional writer (Hey, I get paid, just not much), I hate it when news sites have misleading photographs, sloppy reporting, or inject the writers personal views without telling the reader.

Needless to say, this makes InfoWars as bad as CBS, CNN, NBC, PBS, and other 'fake' news sites.

Just so you know: It seems, the gentleman in the lead picture is Governor Greg Abbott not Sheriff Sally Hernandez

Speaking Truth to the Powerful
During WW II, these United States and Canada rounded up Japanese citizens and these United States citizens of Japanese decent then sent them to interment camps, for many years. Yeap, around 120,000 men, women, and children were illegally removed from their homes, in these United States, with about a dozen (12) people killed in the camps.

Needless to say, liberals are using this injustice to link the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps to President Trump's efforts to prevent folks from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen) from entering our country.

Understand, you will be remembered, but not in a 'good' way.


Our country’s immigration policies should be designed and implemented to serve, first and foremost, the U.S. national interest,” the draft proposal reads, according to a copy reviewed by Bloomberg. “Visa programs for foreign workers … should be administered in a manner that protects the civil rights of American workers and current lawful residents, and that prioritizes the protection of American workers -- our forgotten working people -- and the jobs they hold.

"That’s an important lesson to keep in mind when watching the antics of the Left of late. Their lunacy is not directed at the rest of us. They don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about what’s happening. Their public acts are about signalling to the rest of the believers. By holding protests and making fools of themselves in a public way, they are providing support for one another as they work through the disconfirmation. Like herd animals, they are huddling together in the face if danger. It is pure instinct."

I realized that I needed to stop trying to have a conversation with fashion,” said Howard, who has perhaps the most chipper demeanor in Hollywood. “That I just needed to get back to having a conversation with myself, in what just looks and feels best for this thing that I’m going to tonight."

"It’s important to remember, Scalia was the strongest justice on the Court for the Second Amendment. Replacing him with someone just as solid is just not going backwards. I would have preferred someone with a record on the Second Amendment. We never had records on Roberts or Alito, but they both voted with us when it counted. Alito and Thomas are strong on this issue. Either Roberts or Kennedy, or both, are softer supporters. We need to get one more vote on there before we’ll be moving ahead."

"Media Matters, a self-described “progressive research and information center” dedicated to “correcting conservative misinformation,” recently told donors at a Florida meeting that they had held discussions on news policy with Facebook leadership."

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That's Just the Way it Was: Las Vegas, Nevada (ca 1942)

Enormous asbestos mittens must be worn by men handling the thousands of hot magnesium ingots produced daily at Basic Magnesium's giant plant in the southern Nevada desert. A number of units of this plant are now in production. Full operation is scheduled for the summer of 1943.

Peat storage buildings and eighty-four feet tall silos for the storage of ore, and other structures of the Basic Magnesium Incorporated plant in the southern Nevada desert

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