Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Wednesday: 7 November 2018, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

A British Soldier from C Company, 1st Battalion,
The Staffordshire Regiment, 1st UK Armoured Division
photograph by
PFC John F. Freund

Here in these United States, the M-16 Rifle or M-4 Carbine are the standard military weapon, so you and your family should know how to operate one, just in case.

Well, ...

What happens if you live in another country?

Say Uncle - Gun Porn

We, you and your family can learn from history, like this ...

Shooting Illustrated - Fightin' Iron: General Robert Barrow's Type 14 Nambu

Before I begin, I need for you to understand something.

Some really nice people hate you because you believe you should be able to own, carry, and use firearms for your family's protection.

Yes, they are willing to kill hundred of thousands of people to further their aims.

With that said, ...

Don't confuse fantasy for reality. Our government starts shooting a bunch of people, especailly armed people. They will probably shoot back.

I would because that's why I own a firearm

Gunfree Zone - A Peace Loving Liberal seeks Genocide.

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