Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Magazine Math)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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Buying Your First Pistol
You and your family have decided to take the plunge and purchase your first pistol. Like a revolver, you are going to need to buy somethings, usually a good belt, a quality holster, a cleaning kit, some cleaning and lubricating supplies, and ... I think that's it.

However, ...

Unlike a revolver, you're going to need to purchase some magazines.

Glock 19 Pistol
with 3 magazines

How Many?
Most new pistols will come with two or three magazines, in the box with the firearm. These three magazines, one in the handgun and two on your belt (in a magazine carrier), will give you more than enough cartridges (bullets) for most situations.

But, ... What happens "if" one of the magazines break?

You will need spares.

Glock 19 Pistol
with 5 magazines

Two More
Usually, magazine carriers hold one or two magazines, so I suggest, you purchase enough to refill the magazine carrier. This will give you spares; just in case, you lose a magazine or one of them breaks.

Plus, with an extra magazines or two, you have time to order a replacement from one of the on-line or local firearm accessories stores without going below the original two or three magazines for your pistol.

Glock 19 Pistol
with 10 magazines

Five More
Needless to say, we (you and your family) have been watching and listening to the various political candidates talk about the need for anti-freedom measures 'sensible' gun control laws. Some of these measures include reducing magazine capacity to seven cartridges or less, restricting normal capacity magazines sales to law enforcement only, and other measures that would affect your ability to replace lost or broken magazines.

So, ... I suggest buying five more magazines.

These ten magazines; three from the original purchase, two bought 'just in case' to refill a magazine carrier, and these five; would give you more than enough magazines for your lifetime and probably the life of the pistol.

Now, these 'extra' five magazines would be kept in a safe place, a locked gun safe comes to mind, as a reserve for tough times. They would only be taken out of your safe for inspections (rust, damage) and a test fire ever three to five years then returned to the safe.

The Answer to the Original Question
You need, at least, ten magazines for each pistol that you plan to use during an event.

Now, some people are going to want more magazines. That's o.k., but at $20 to $30 a piece, purchasing more than ten magazines will get expensive quickly, especially if you have more than one pistol.

So, ... Like any other prep for an event, you and your family have to make a choice then implement that choice.

Bushmaster AR-15A3 rifle
with 7 magazines

Rifle Magazines
The math for rifle magazines is going to be slightly different because ... rifles are different ; - )

In other words, rifles are used to fight wars, not defend yourself, like a pistol.

So, ... These United States military issues seven magazine for each rifle, one in the rifle and six carried in magazine pouches (magazine carriers).

Bushmaster AR-15A3 rifle
with 13 magazines

Six More
Using the same logic, as the pistol, if you have six magazines in magazines carriers, you need six replacement magazines for any possible lost or broken magazines.

Bushmaster AR-15A3 rifle
with 20 magazines

Seven More
Needless to say, the reason you purchased your rifle was to defend The Constitution your family from various villains, so you're going to want more, especially with all the running around, rolling on the ground, crawling on your belly (where rifle magazines are usually carried) that will inadvertently lead to damaged magazines.

Plus, twenty rifle magazines are easy to think about for your preps, as compared to say 21 magazines ; - )

Since it's the Presidential election season, we have to talk about firearms' politics. As we (you and your family) have seen in the past, an election can change the course of a nation. Even rumours can do that to.

Just think, ... Mrs. Hillary Rodham-Clinton is elected President of these United States. Firearm's prices would rapidly increase and ammunition availability would quickly decrease the closer this country gets to Inauguration day.

Don't even think about saying that you would shoot Ms. Rodham-Clinton before she took office because I would shoot your a** first. 'Cause, that's not how we settle our differences in this country. At least not recently ; - )

So, ...

Make sure you and your partner are registered to vote, then get out and politic for your choices, then vote in November.

Next, you need to do an inventory of your firearms and ammunition then fill any critical shortages in your preps, Now!, while firearms and ammunition are still easily available.

Lastly, as always, make sure your preps are squared away. You know, the usual ...

* Two weeks of water

* Three months of food

* Stocked first-aid kit and a supply of required medications

* Weather Alert Radio and a battery-powered radio

And, ... All of the other stuff that I talk about in 16 Weeks

For you folks with a little bit of money, I wrote an e-book titled Prepper: Surviving the Tough Times Ahead.

 It can be found at many retailers, such as Smashwords, Barnes and Nobles, and ...

Part Two
Here's the link to some sources for magazines

Needless to say, it doesn't work until ... Saturday.


MrApple said...

I like to maintain at least 10 magazines per firearm that takes a detachable magazine. Magazines get broken, they wear out, and they also just get lost. I learned the hard way with a Ruger MkII that if you snooze on stocking up magazines you might just be out of luck OR have to sell a kidney to be able to afford those magazines you just happen to come across.

Anonymous said...

What mags you have must be preserved. After-market magazines; for example, CZ-52 TOK
or any other semi-automatic firearm reliability remains questionable. The original
magazines are critical. First defense never load mags long term full capacity. I
always relieve the clip springs with another. Springs and compatible followers are
the issue. I deal with CZ-52 pistol here. Harrington Products, interestingly, offers
American made spare parts here. Nevertheless, your old gun is worthless unless fixable
and we know it

Anonymous said...

Wolff is the guy for gun springs.

Someone You Know said...

Dear Mr. Apple, Mr. Jim Watkins, Anonymous, and others,

First, ... Mr. Apple makes a good point. More magazines are better and get them while they are inexpensive.

Which leads to Mr. Watkins comment.

Second, avoid 'cheap' magazines. The after-market magazines, to put it politely, suck. Plus, just like spare parts for your firearms, spare parts for your magazines are a good idea.

Which leads to Anonymous' comment.

Third, Wolf Springs have a good reputation for being quality products that, to a certain extent, are inexpensive.

Sincerely, Someone You Know

I apologize for not replying to your comments, earlier.