Saturday, April 9, 2016

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff, on a Saturday (Magazine Math, Part Two)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
Don Strimbu

Needless to say, most things in life aren't free ; - )

So, ...

Glock 19 Pistol
with 3 magazines

In this picture, you're going to spend about $550 for the lot. Of course, you might be able to purchase a different pistol for less money. Such as the Canik TP9v2, Tam from View From the Porch tested in late March.

But, that pistol only comes with two magazines. Plus, you will need to find a source for more magazines.

Glock 19 Pistol
with 5 magazines

The above picture will cost another $50 to $60 for the two additional magazines.

Brownell's has them on sale for $18.99. They are regularly $24.99

Glock 19 Pistol
with 10 magazines

And, ... The additional seven magazines (3 with the pistol and seven others) will add another $150 to $200, depending on where your purchase the magazines.

Sources for Magazines
I've bought magazines from a few places. One time, I bought a magazine from the gun range, ouch.

Hey, ... they have to make a profit to pay for the really nice range, staff, and other stuff.

Another source, from my supplier page, is They have great service and competitive prices. I have been happy with them.

But, ... I almost always shop around.

Another source is CDNN. They also have great prices and wonderful service.

I have only had one problem with them. They sent me a used Glock 21 magazine by mistake. The return shipping set me back $5.95 (USPS Flat Rate Postage), so it cut into my savings.

The other two 'Big' sources for magazines are Brownell's and Midway USA. I have purchased other stuff from both of these companies and found them to have great service and good prices.

But, ... Like I said; I usually shop around for the best price.

Lastly, you can also purchase magazines from the firearm manufacturer, usually the most expensive option : - (

The same goes for rifle magazines.

Gun Shows
Now, you may notice; I didn't mention gun shows. I have a problem purchasing a critical item from someone that I'll never see again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know some folks will say they have had good luck at gun shows and that is exactly it. They have had good luck.

For a beginning prepper, stick with quality, factory magazines, purchased from a quality supplier.

Like magazines, ammunition is sold all over the internet.

My favorite source is Hey, ... they're on my supplier page. They have great service and competitive prices with 'free' shipping.

Another source is Luckygunner. A lot of folks from the internet like them for their associate program. is another possible source for your ammunition needs, too.

Lastly, I'll mention one more source, oops three, the local gunshop, shooting range, and ... Walmart

Ibid, Kind'a
I usually purchase ammo from Ammoman. Like I said, great prices and wonderful service. I have also bought cartridges from Luckygunner. They were great too.

However, ... I haven't purchased ammo from Bulkammo, the local gunshop, or shooting range.

Lastly, the last time I purchased ammunition from Walmart; it was 22LR ammo at 92¢ for 50 rounds.

Some folks are going to disagree with my suggestions about the number of magazines for a rifle and pistol since they are critical components.

Hey, ... It's your money. You spend it on what you want. You want fifty magazines for your AR-15 rifle; buy fifty magazines. Just don't forget the food ; - )

All My Family Needs
Lastly, a word of warning.

There are some folks out there planning to take what they need, so they are only stocking guns and ammunition.

In the beginning, it might work, but later on, it's going to get ugly. 'Cause folks are going to start to hunt down villains. It's what always happens.

Remember, the 'good' guys out number the 'bad' guys!

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