Friday, September 21, 2012

Second Half - Emergency Evacuation Kits

To the second half of the blog about emergency evacuation kits. You will find videos/podcasts, instructions, and other information about the subject for this week.


Emergency Disaster Preparedness B*O*B (Bug Out Bag)

Note: Don't, Do Not, Never use a gas can for water storage. You will poison yourself and your family.

Note: Instead of cutting off you shirt sleeves, roll the sleeves up. If you think you are going to need a pair of shorts, pack shorts.

Patriot Armory - The Bag Out Bag (Part 1)

Note: Just so you know, a little bit of a potty mouth.

Part 2

PAW Productions - Survivalist B.O.B.

Note: Watch the rest of the videos. There are four parts; additionally, this group has many more informative videos.

Bug Out Survival Essentials 1/4

Note: Watch the rest of his videos, too.


Turning a Sack into a Pack

For those on a very tight budget, you can use a U.S. military laundry bag as a rudimentary backpack by tying the drawstrings to the bottom corners of the bag. This will create straps to put your arms through.

Be Warned! The drawstrings will cut into your shoulders if you are carrying too much in you bag. You can prevent this by folding two small towels and placing them between each of the drawstrings and your shoulders.

The link is to illustrate what a laundry bag looks like, not as a recommendation on where to buy, because you can get them cheaper used.


Flying Tigers Surplus Army/Navy Surplus - Laundry Bags

Other Information:

Packing a Bag

After you stock your emergency evacuation kit, you need to practice with it. There are two main reasons for this practice. First, you need to make sure you can carry it. An evacuation bag is useless if you have to leave it behind because you are unable to carry it. The second reason, you need to practice with your bag is to be able to use the stuff in it. A fire striker takes a little bit a practice to make it work. The same for a blue tarp.

Sorry, I was side tracked.

So, back to packing an emergency evacuation bag. First, make a list. This list is for you to organize your thought on what you are going to need. As an example: In the southern U.S. you will need a different type of shelter than in the northern U.S., so plan accordingly.

Next, pile all the stuff on that list in one location. (A bed works great) Next, pile all the stuff into similar categories. Food with food; water with water; fire with fire; and so on.

Now, some of this stuff you are going to need more of then other stuff, take fire. If you live in the northern part of these United States, you will want many different capabilities to make fire.

After, you get everything into similar categories; you will need to decide what you are really going to carry. The little stuff quickly adds up to a bunch of weight, so trim your load in your bag.

Next, pack the bag. Now guys and gals, you need to have the person who is carrying the bag (if possible) pack the bag because they are going to get stuff out of the bag. Plus, men and women have a different physiology. Men need to have the heavy items in the top of the bag and women need to have the heavy stuff in the bottom of the bag.

Next, you need to have everyone put the pack on and walk with it to find out if the bag is too heavy.

That's it. Now, go out and practice with the stuff in your emergency evacuation bag.


The Possible Shop - Fire Strikers & Bow Drills

Alpha Disaster Contingencies