Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emergency Cooking

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

During an emergency,  'normal' methods of cooking food may be unavaliable to you and your family, so y'all may have to improvise.

Let's look at some of these primative methods.

Starting a Fire
Before I begin, most folks know a few ways of starting a fire. matches, lighter, even gunpowder from a firearms' cartridge will work. Your family can also use commercially avalible fire ribbon, or make your own home-made fire starter.

Camp Fire
Most folks already know this method. Find some dry sticks, pile them together, and light with a match. Pretty simple until you try it during a rain storm.

Dakota Fire Hole
The Dakota fire hole is a great method of cooking/heating your food with minimal light and smoke which is important in a tactical situation. It also uses a minimum amount of fuel.

OK folks, I'm on quick trip, over the long weekend, to see my brother Jumper, so you'll have to come back in a few days

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