Saturday, July 7, 2012

Small Building Construction, Part Six

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Before we begin, I added some commentary and a few pictures to "Small Building Construction, Part Five."

Plus, I would like to apologize. I had the wrong date and time for this article.

Remember when I talked about headers, sills, and cripples, nows the time to talk about installing windows.

Four Holes Drilled Through the Siding
Needless to say, the siding is now covering the rough openings that I cut in the sheathing, so I have to cut the siding.

First, I drill four holes through the siding. (If you want to save some time, you only need to drill two holes)

Connecting the Holes with a Reciprocating Saw
Next, I use a saw-all (reciprocating saw) to cut the wood. Basically, I connect the dots ; - )

Of course, my lines weren't very straight, but this is the rough cut that creates an opening for the window.

Opening for the Window
the scrap siding falls away
Next, I cut the siding as close as possible to the 2X4s.

You will notice, in the picture to the left, this messed up the tyvek house wrap around the rough opening. : - (


Repair to the Tyvek House Wrap 
I had to add some house wrap around the window's opening, before I put the window in place.

You will notice that the pieces overlap. so any water that gets behind the siding will always flow between the house wrap and the siding.

1/2 inch Bead of 100% Silicon Caulk
Top and Sides Only
Next, I added a thick bead of 100% silicon caulk around the top and two sides of the window's nailing strip. I didn't add any caulk to the bottom so water will drain from the bottom of the window.

Two 'Big' Windows and Pop Door Opening
Next, I screwed the window into place using the window's instructions. The screws should go through the siding and into the 2X4s underneath the sheathing.

Lastly, I finished each window by placing caulk at the very top of the windows to prevent water from getting through the little groves in the siding.

Needless to say, I used the same techniques for all six windows.

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