Friday, July 20, 2012

Forth Half - Guns

This is the forth half of the post on guns. You will find links to other bloggers and websites about the subject for this week.


NSSF - Aiming for Accuracy: Two Major Newspapers, Which One Got It Right?

Shots Across the Bow - Self Defense 101

The Defensive Handgun Blog - George the Travelling Salesman and the Joy of Go-Pants

Random Nuclear Strikes - Buyin’ Guns — the Free Way

Home On the Range - Home Security - Something all Families Should Read


InSights Training Center - Selecting Equipment

Stability For Our Time - Why We Follow the Four ...

The Firearm Blog - How to handle AK-74M

Scribd - Places to Stash Firearms

Alpha Rubicon - Expedient Firearm Repair

Kurt Saxon - Fantasy & Weaponry

I apologize, this post is mixed up and I didn't get everything add that I wanted to.