Sunday, July 29, 2012

Small Building Construction, Part Eight

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

I apologize for failing to post about what's going on with the chicken-coop.

We are currently experiencing a heatwave that makes it difficult to do any building, so it has been slow going, recently.

Just so you know, my family and I have been working on the metal roof for the coop. I should have pictures up for next week. Plus, ...

I fell off the chicken-coop's roof yesterday.

I was installing the ridge vent and slipped. I tried to stay on the roof, but the metal was too slick. I slide off the roof, dropping 7 feet onto the ladder.

I'm OK except for several bruises.

So, thanks for understanding.

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Keystone Contracting Corp. said...

The heats got everyone and their mom complaining today, its understandable though this summer has been the whackiest since '93. Hope those bruises clear up for ya.

-Adam Ahmed
Brookyln Waterproofing