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Firearms for Preppers, M16/AR15 series Rifle, Part Two

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

This should really be "Part One." Oh, well.

M16A1 Rifle with 30-round Magazine

The M16 rifle is a lightweight rifle that most people, including children, could easily shoot. It is used by about 70 countries worldwide.


You will probably never see one in your local firearms store because a M16 series rifle is a Class III weapon. These types of weapons require a $200 tax stamp and some federal paper work to purchase.

Now, the firearm you will see at your local firearms dealer is an AR-15, or some variation since AR-15 is a registered trademark of Colt Firearms. Either way, if you ask to see an AR-15, the clerk will hand you something in black and 5.56 mm.

5.56 mm (.223 caliber) is the diameter of the round (see Week Five - Guns) the rifle uses. The military round will work in a civilian rifle. Heck, civilian rifles have the same identical parts as the military rifle, almost.

My Family's Situation
Just like the SKS rifle, we live in suburbia, like most preppers. Since houses are close and ranges are short, the AR-15 series rifle is also a good rifle for the urban and suburban prepper.

Plus, there is a plentiful supply of spare parts and magazines.

Spare Parts
Just like the SKS rifle, you and your family are going to need to stock spare parts for a long-term disaster, if that's what you're preparing for. If not; don't.

Now, I was an armourer in these United States Army, so I have some experience. First, you need an extractor, an extractor spring with an extractor spring insert, and an extractor pin. After that, you'll need a firing pin retaining pin and a firing pin. Add a front sight for 'just in case,' and that should be it.

For those worried about very long-term stuff, you'll need to add an ejector, ejector spring, and ejector roll pin, action spring/buffer spring, and all of the lower receiver springs and pins. Plus, you will need a rear sight assembly, just in case.

Michael J. Sherman

I wouldn't get an extra bolt carrier or a bolt because I never saw one fail, ever!


It's up to you and your family; what you buy.

Modifications to the AR-15 series Rifle
As you saw from the first part of the M-16 series rifle article, there are many modifications that can be done to this rifle.

The only modification I would recommend would be to install a quality collapsible stock. The mod will allow everyone in your family to comfortably shoot the rifle, until you get one for them.

Tools and Other Necessities
You are going to need magazines, magazines, and more (Are They Crazy??? $53) magazines. I would feel ok with ten (10) magazines per rifle, but, I would be looking to obtain more, just in case, that's how important magazines are. At about 20 to 25 magazines, per rifle, I would feel all warm and fuzzy.

Next, a cleaning kit is required (an example).

After that, you going to need some kind of kit to carry at least three magazines.

Lastly, a front sight tool and a sling to carry the rifle would top-off my preps for this rifle. On the sling, I wouldn't buy anything fancy. I would stay low-speed and buy a new or used U.S. military silent sling (an example). Unless, you and your family have been to an Appleseed class then you might purchase a M-16 DMP Sling (an example) a M-16/A2 sling (an example), or a M-14 sling (an example).

Wikipedia - M16 Rifle

Wikipedia - AR15 Rifle

Wikipedia - 5.56 × 45 mm NATO×45mm_NATO

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Good overview of the AR-15. It is good to have several guns of the same caliber to be able to store the ammo of the same caliber.