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Firearms for Preppers, AK-47 series Rifle

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

First, I would like for you to read the article and comments at Says Uncle (Prepping Stuff) about Firearms for Preppers, SKS Rifle. His readers have some good things to add.

OK, you're back, so let's begin.

You will probably never see a 'real' AK-47 in your local firearms store because an AK-47 rifle is a Class III weapon. These types of weapons require a $200 tax stamp and some federal paper work to purchase, but you will find many semi-auto versions of the AK-47 series rifle. Like the SKS, the AK-47 series rifle was and is made by many countries, including Venezuela.

The Situation
Needless to say, the typical prepper lives in the city or suburbs, so they will need a rifle that can effectively engage villains, say, out to 300 yards (275 meters). The AK-47 series rifle can do this.

My Rifle

My AK-47 series rifle is a Romanian ???. I bought it a few years ago for about $450, including taxes. The rifle has a fixed stock because I have shot an Polish AKM with an under-folder wire stock, a real one, in the military. It was difficult to get a comfortable cheek weld.

The rifle came with one magazine : - (

The Recommendation
Now, some folks disagree with me about the SKS rifle. They feel an AK-47 series rifle is better since you can purchase one for the same price as an SKS.

Let's take a look.

First, the rifle is about $400, maybe $450. Next, you'll need ten (10) magazines, at least. That's $100 to $150 for ten. Next, you'll need something to effectively carry the magazines. Blackhawk has a simple chest rig, another $75.

Total $575 to $675, just for the rifle and a little bit of kit. Definitely not $400.

But, but, but!!!

You're right. I bought one, and I'm planning to buy another one.


Remember that spiral of purchases. I mentioned many months ago.

My family and I are ready to "Buy-Up" on our protection preps. Since we started with SKS rifles, the 'best' choice for our next purchase is to buy two AK-47 series rifles, one for me and one for my partner. The kids will keep their SKS rifles until they move out or go to college.

Modification of the AK-47 series Rifle
I would leave the rifle just the way it is. No collapsible stock, rail system, telescopic sight, or recoil buffer. The only modification I would make is installing Tech-sights, for the AK rifle, on the firearm.

Spare Parts
Many decades ago, some survival writers suggested getting a second rifle to use as a source for spare parts. Not very smart. : - (

Now a days, you can shop on-line at SARCO Inc. or Numrich Gun Parts Corp. for spare parts for your rifle. I mean any rifle; just not the AK-47 series rifle.

But what spare parts to get?

First, do you really need spare parts? If you're planning for a short disaster, like a hurricane, you don't need spare parts. If you're planning for a long-term disaster, you'll want to store some common spare parts for y'alls' rifles.

AK-47 Exploded View

Firing Pin (23)
Firing pin retainer (24)

Ejector (25)
Ejector spring (26)
Ejector Retaining Pin (27)

Recoil spring, Complete assembly (29-32)

Front sight (9 and 11) and rear sight (12, 14, 15-17)

Tools and Other Necessities
First, after ammunition, I would suggest magazines, magazines, and more magazines. Detachable magazines are the weak point in most semi-auto firearms designs, except the SKS.

P.S. Buy the magazines from AIM.

Next, I recommend a way of carrying the magazines.

Next, I would suggest a cleaning kit because your rifle needs to be cleaned. The one that comes with the rifle will do, but a U.S. military .30 caliber cleaning kit (an example) is a higher quality. Either way, you will want to add a clean tooth brush, an old t-shirt, some .30 caliber rifle cleaning patches (an example), and a small bottle of oil.

Oh, don't forget a ruptured case/broken shell extractor.

Stripper Clips and Stripper Clip Guides
Next, you'll want some stripper clips and a stripper clip guide. The guide fits over the top of the magazine, making it easier to speed-load the magazine.

Almost lastly, you and your family will want a sight adjustment tool; there are two types. First is the tool that only adjusts for elevation, up and down (an example). Second is the tool that adjusts for elevation and windage, left and right (an example).

Finally, you'll probably want a sling; unless, the rifle came with one.

Isn't it great. You and your family probably already have all this stuff because you built-up your protection preps with the SKS rifle before you spiraled to an AK-47 series rifle purchase. Cool, huh.

Wikipedia - AK-47

Wired.Com - How the AK-47 Rewrote the Rules of Modern Warfare

Wikibooks - Marksmanship

You will have to come back for the pictures. I'm taking my girlfriend out for a movie, so no pictures, yet.


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