Saturday, May 5, 2012

Firearms for Preppers, AK-47 series Rifle, Part Two

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

A few months ago, I posted an article about the AK-47 series rifle for preppers that focus on the very basics. This article is going to cover some of the stuff and pictures I left out.

Blackhawk Chest Pouches AK-47
Magazine and Stripper Clips
First, you need to have something to carry your magazines. Blackhawk has an inexpensive ($75ish with shipping) chest rig that holds four 30-round magazines that's 150 rounds, ready to go. (120 rounds in the chest rig and 30 rounds in the magazine in the weapon)

For most preppers that 150 rounds is going to be just right. Remember, preppers/survivalists aren't soldiers. As Dr. Who (Matt Smith) says "Run"

Yes, as preppers, you and your family should run away from danger as quickly as possible. Remember, it's about surviving 'til the next day.

Blackhawk Chest Pouch
Pouches 'Open'
Next, to the right, here is a picture showing the chest pouches 'open.' You can also see the two pistol magazine, on each side of the rig. You can also notice the velcro closures for the pouches, if you expand the picture.

Now, this rig is a very basic chest rig. The shoulder straps are unpadded, but the straps are wide enough to distribute the weight of the loaded magazines.

One of the downsides, it only comes in coyote brown

I wrote this article in early July 2012. but I thought a good idea to post it just after the original article.

Note Two:
I have more to say but I have to go to bed.

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