Monday, July 9, 2018

Volume Four: Number Twenty-Eight

The Cliffs At Etretat
Claude Monet

Climate Change
Before I begin, ... Climate is what we expect, and weather is what we get.

So, ...

Folks, our planet's climate is changing. Whether we, as humans, are responsible or not, doesn't make a difference because the climate will change with or without us.

But, ...

What we do about it, is up to you and your family.

Now, don't think I'm talking about curbing so-called green house gases or switching energy production to so-called renewables. I'm not because those are big money-making scams or just another way for certain folks to try and control this country.

What I'm talking about, ...

Is whether you and your family decide to move, now, from the coastline to avoid hurricanes, southern California to avoid droughts, or Canada to get away from increased snowfall.

Whether you and your family will have enough long-term food storage or money because wheat can't be grown, in these United States, for three out of five years.

And, ...

Many other disruptions that we can't even imagine.

Doom and Gloom




Chemical Weapons











Things You Might Want to Think About

I'm all for prohibiting abortions.

But, ...

What do we do with all the unwanted babies? Force their mothers to care for them?

What happens when your wife, Aunt, daughter, sister, grand-daughter, or step-daughter is raped? Do we force them to carry the child then force you to care for the child, until they turn 18?

Oooh, ...

If the government gets to prohibit this medical procedure, can we prohibit Hillary Rodham-Clinton from receiving heart surgery? How about George Walker Bush?

Folks, ... Don't forget.

It's about Control

Don't be fooled.

First, they will come for the 30-round magazine, except for the police officers' magazines

Next, they will come for the AR-15s, except for the police officers' patrol carbine

Then, they will come for the 10-round magazines, except for the police officers' magazines

Next, they will come for the semi-automatic firearms, except for the police officer's pistols

Then, they will come for the bolt-action rifles, single shot handguns, cowboy revolvers, antique firearms, except for the police officers' firearms.

Finally, they will confiscate the police officers' 100, 30, 20, 10, and 7-round magazines, the patrol carbines, the pistols and revolvers, the sniper rifles, Saturday Night Specials, and all the other means of protection because you, the police officer, will be considered a danger to their plans.

Don't believe me, look at Nazi Germany, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, Soviet Russia, (former) Great Britain, and ... Communist China

Lastly, ... Please forgive me Pastor Martin Niemöller

As we enter a new phase of conflict with China, Russia, Iran, and other countries, our country will still need to support other countries in their efforts to remain free from authoritarian countries.

But, ...

We may not have the ability, so we will have to be smart about those efforts.


Our country has a chance to protect many of the great animals of Africa. We can help train the Park Rangers to protect the animals, enforce international law, visit these places, and ... purchase the legally harvested elephant tusks, Rhino horns, and other products

Let this be a lesson, ...

If you cut-off one route, illegals will find another route.

My wife is on the FaceBook, and she is starting to get angry.


Folks are lying to us.

It is said, these United States is the only First World country with a Third World neighbor.

In other words, ...

We are going to have to deal with a 'Failed Stated' on our southern border, in the near future.

Yes, they are lying to you and your family.

Yeap, ... They can't protect you and your family either.

Cool, ... Flying Aircraft Carriers

O.K. Not really.

Stand Your Ground
Folks, I want you to ask yourself a question, "What happens when you defend yourself and your family?"

If you answered, "I might go to prison." you and your friends need to get to work.

Sometimes, the rescuers die, too.

No One! ... Except for a few politicians.

Useful Idiots
Before I begin, ... I would like to apologize to Professor Paul Minda for calling him and those like him "Useful Idiots."

With that said, ...

Professor Minda makes many mistakes in his analysis of our culture, here in these United States.

First, as citizens, we have the unrestricted right to own, posses, carry, use, and ... (any other verb) firearms. It's in the Bill of Rights.

Second, people are trying to take our rights, just ask Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bloomberg, and many others. They did it with the National Firearms Act (1934), The Gun Control Act (1968), The Firearms Owner's Protection Act (1986), The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1993), The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (1994). That's just at the federal level, too.

Third, these United States sent hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of firearms to defend England, against Nazi invasion, in 1940 (I know, I know, ... It has nothing to do with any of the Professor's arguments, but I wanted to remind him, these United States citizens sent firearms to a country that had disarmed itself with common sense firearm's laws)

Lastly, ... Molon labe


"I swear, within the next year, the cops are going to shoot some homeless junkie while he is actively raping and strangling a woman (probably in a San Francisco BART station) and the SJW mob will somehow claim the shooting was racist."

"That’s right, resisting gun control is a foundational principle of this nation."

"Please take us back, at least until the Orange Obscenity and his Nazi associates are removed. We need a refresher course in Democracy."

"We know the endgame."

"... By holiday time in early winter, much will clarified about the actual direction of the country. By then, the “Walk Away” movement may even include the obdurate shills at CNN and The New York Times, and the Intellectual-Yet-Idiots on the college campuses. And the Golden Golem of Greatness will lie upended in the swamp that he just didn’t try hard enough to drain."

"On a happy note: Today is Nacho Day 606. It is 606 days that Hillary is nacho President!!!"

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A police officer enters the police station.

A police officer stands outside the local station. 

Police department motorcycle

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