Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Adventures of Stedman and Oprah, Part Three

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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Late into the Evening
"The first item we need is OPSEC" replied Oprah.

"What is opsec? Stedman asked as he took a sip of beer.

"According to the team, it  is something the military uses to keep our enemies from learning about military plans." as she looked over Stedman's shoulder then correcting him "each letter of OPSEC is capitalized, darling."

"So, what does it mean?" Stedman asked as he erased then rewrote OPSEC in capital letter then underlined the letters.

"OPSEC is an acronym for operational security. It is the measures, such as disinformation, cover stories, withholding information, and other methods for keeping information secret." Oprah quoting the research team

"In other words, it's telling lies and lying."

Knowing that Stedman valued his honesty and kept his word, Oprah continued to explain "Yes and no. OPSEC is also about not talking about family problems with blabber mouths at work, keeping important information safe such as social security numbers and bank accounts, and like the others things we do to keep our life together private."

Nodding his head in understanding, Stedman said "O.K, OPSEC" then asked "What's the next priority?"

"That depends on what our plans are."

"Why do you say that O" Stedman asked.

"If we're headed to one of those secure underground compounds, we only need reliable transportation. However, if we are planning to upgrade each of our homes, we are going to need different things, so we'll need a plan." Oprah replied then continued "Take our house in the Bahamas. We would need to improve the rain catchment system, install a generator, store enough fuel for the generator, obtain food, and many other supplies."

"I'm starting to think it would be easier to purchase a condo in a secure facility" Stedman said.

"We wouldn't do all the things ourselves. We would hire a contractor for the upgrades, and I'll ask the research team to investigate our options for some of the others." She answered with hesitation.

"O, you sound hesitant."

"I am because Tom has already warned me about some of the options."

"What do you mean, O?" Stedman asked

"Tom warned about the possibility of scam artists. It seems, Tom and Nicole were purchasing food storage ..." Oprah started to explain

When Steman interrupted asking "Food storage?"

"An EMP event could disrupt the country's food supply system for years, so people that are getting prepared purchase and store food to eat. Food storage get it?" Oprah asked as she smiled.

"Got it" answered Stedman, as he smiled back.

Beginning again "Tom and Nicole were purchasing food storage from a company that was charging $1,000 for a month's worth of food. They would send food in the big metal cans, you know the ones that look like the old coffee cans?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, come to find out, the company was buying from one company, removing the labels, then sending Tom and Nicole the food storage." Oprah explained.

"That's not illegal, so what's the catch?" Stedman asked

"They could have bought the same food for $250." Oprah said


"Ouch, in deed. Plus, all the nutritional information was just so much hype, and they overstated the amount of food" Oprah explained

"Ouch, again" Stedman said, as he frowned then asked "What did they do about it?"

"Nothing. They didn't want to look like fools."

"So how do we prevent that?" Stedman asked.

"It seems there are consultants for everything, including getting prepared for an EMP or CME event"

"Really?" Stedman asked

"Really!" Oprah smiled, as she continued, "The research team has identified three or four companies that are discretely providing services for political, entertainment, and sports figures. Plus, there are some informative books."

Stedman asked "Such as?" because he had become interested in this matter, just not to support of his lover's desire to know more about the subject.

"One e-book is Prepper: Surviving the Tough Times Ahead; another is Nuclear War Survival Skill" Oprah replied.

Stedman looked perplexed as he asked "Now we're getting ready for nuclear war?"

"No silly." Oprah giggled then said, "Nuclear War Survival Skills is a good book for getting prepared for a EMP or CME, too just not a nuclear war"

Finishing her list, Oprah added "Another good book is Are You Ready? This book is distributed by these United States government. Plus, there are many books that cover such subjects as raising sheep and goats, planting a garden, digging a latrine, and ..."

"Please stop O. You're starting to overwhelm me about this prepping stuff" Stedman complained.

"O.K. darling, I understand" Oprah said then continued sympathetically, "I've had a chance to think about this stuff while you have been working so hard at the foundation."

Kissing her, Stedman said "How about you get together some proposals for retrofitting our homes in California, Hawaii, Antiqua, and here in Chicago?"

"Sure, darling" she replied, kissing him back.

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