Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

松岡 一二三

We're Different
I have talked about my brothers in the past, Spartan, Scout, and Jumper. Each family has a different method of getting prepared.

Scout lives close to 'Nuclear Strike Target #1,' better known as Washington D.C. His family's plan, during an extreme event, is to send his partner and children to our home with him following after wrapping up business.

So, ... They prepare differently then Jumper and Spartan. One of these differences is ...

Five-Gallon Buckets
One of the differences, between us brothers, is our use of five-gallon buckets. I use them for food storage while Jumper uses them for brewing beer and Scout uses five-gallon buckets for ...

What's in the Buckets
According to Scout, the buckets contain:

In the buckets are bare essentials.

* Poncho w/liner
* Tube tent
* Space blanket
* Water bottles with purification tablets
* Knife
* Compass
* Cup
* Heat tabs
* Spoon
*  Toilet paper
* First aid kit with required medicines
* Personal hygiene
          shampoo (Yes, I have to smell nice in an emergency)
* Hand cracked radio and flashlight
* P-38
* Sewing kit
* Trash bags
* Quart and gallon ziplock bags
* Three MREs (Meal Ready to Eat)

Plus, some other stuff, but he can't remember ; - )

Now, there is a reasoning for storing their supplies in a five-gallon bucket ... The buckets keep the supplies dry and organized. Plus, the emptied buckets can be used for carrying water, food and for body waste.

Of course, these aren't the only supplies; Scout and his family have for an event. They also have another bag prepacked with extra clothes.

If they have time, they plan to use ice chests or coolers to hold more food.

You may have noticed that Scout packed his family's supplies in slide-lock plastic bags (ziplock baggies) and other smaller plastic containers. This provides organization and protection for the supplies.

I know from personal experience, Scout hates wet toilet paper ; - )

Lastly, the plastic baggies allow the perishable supplies to be grouped so restocking the five-gallon bucket is easier and faster to deal with.

Reasoning, Again
Needless to say, Scout and his family have a reason for being prepared. They live in ... a tornado and hurricane area, so they have to have what they need ... quick.

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