Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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Nicolas Suzor

I have nothing to write about. Not really, but it works for me.

So, ...

You're going to get a lot of links about ...

Military Weapons

The Firearms Blog - Finland gives up new Rifle Program, will Modernize RK-62 to Serve until 2035
Finland Gives Up New Rifle Program, Will Modernize Rk. 62 to Serve Until 2035 - See more at:
Finland Gives Up New Rifle Program, Will Modernize Rk. 62 to Serve Until 2035 - See more at:

Think about it. The Finis are staying with a 50 year old design, the RK-62 carbine

The Firearms Blog - M-67 90mm Recoilless Rifle Back in Use

Oop, another 50 year old rifle, still in use, the M-67 90mm recoilless Rifle

The Firearms Blog - PSA for NFA Owners?Machine Gunners

Machine guns are cool, but they'll kill you too.

World Guns - Daewoo K-1


YouTube:TFB TV - Daewoo K1A1: Korea's AR15

What? No AR-15s!

The Firearms Blog: [Guest Post] The Canadian Forces C7A2 Upgrade

Oooh, here's one

Citizens' Weapons

The Firearms Blog - 6000 Rounds Later: A Review of the Colt 6920

At around $900, it's a good rifle with resale value, but it's not a ...

The Firearms Blog - Long-Term Review: LaRue OBR 5.56

You're not prepping

The Firearms Blog - Police Department Guns Actually Fall Apart


The Firearms Blog - Hairline Cracks Found in Kentucky PDs Glocks

It sucks being an early adaptor

All Outdoor Glock 19 gen 4: Review

They all don't suck

The Firearms Blog - Para Ordnance: GI Expert

One hundred years and counting

All Outdoors - Beretta Model 92FS

Not just for the military

The Firearms Blog - $100 .308 Suppressor

Sorry, they kind'a forgot the tax.

The Firearms Blog - $5 Homemade Shotguns Handed in at $100 gun "Give-back"

That's one way of taking money from people

All Outdoor - Sling Options fo the AR-15 and Similar Long Guns
Sling Options for the AR-15 and Similar Long Guns

Ooops, another way


All Outdoor - Preparedness Reminder: Take Your Time and Do It Right

Just to remind you, why you come to this place.

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