Friday, June 22, 2012

Forth Half - Shelter, Part Two

This is the forth half of the post on shelter. You will find links to other bloggers and websites about the subject for this week.

I just posted this and realized I made a big error. I should have been searching/posting about clothing. Please, accept my apologies


The Survivalist Blog - Mel Tappan was Wrong

The Survivalist Blog - Label: Trailer Homestead

Stealth Survival - Preppin' 101: Part 4, tents

Stealth Survival - Preppin' 101: Part 4, The Purpose of Shelter

Stealth Survival - Label: Temporary Shelter

Be A Survivor - Jayco Jay Series 1007 Pop-up Camper

Be A Survivor - Label: Shelter


Bill Qualls - Survival Shelters
You might want to check out Bill Qualls' other page.

Bill Qualls' Wilderness Survival Page

The Survival Center - Underground Shelters
To see the pictures better, open them in a new window.