Friday, June 8, 2012

Second Half - Introductions

This is the second half of the post about introductions. You will find videos/podcasts, instructions and other information about the subject for this week.


Video Jug - How to Lie - Tips & Tricks!

You Tube - How to detect lies. Great tips on how to spot a liar

You Tube - FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars

Google Video - How to Lie with Design Research - Dan Saffer (Adaptive Path)


How to Protect Private Information
I know; you are asking yourself what does lying and protecting your private information have to do with introductions. Well, you need to protect your private information, so others don't use it against you or your family.

Some of this information you are already protecting such as passwords, account numbers, and Social Security numbers. But as you get increasingly prepared, you will also need to protect information about your supplies and other preparations such as how many firearms you and your family own, bug-out plans, and many other facts about your preparations.

Just think, you will (if you get really, really prepared) have a rifle and handgun for everyone in your family, a year supply of food for everyone and then some, and many other items that will need to be protected from others.


Federal Trade Commission - About Identity Theft

National Crime Prevention Council - Preventing Identity Theft: A Guide for Consumers

Your Credit Advisor - The Ultimate Guide to Identity Theft Prevention

E-How - How to Protect Private Information on the Internet

E-How - How to Protect Yourself Online

Other Information:

So, you know somethings about me. One of those is that I know Wikipedia has useful information. Another is that I remember some of the stories from the Christian Bible, and lastly that I lie.

Yep, I admit it; I lie and wikiHow has an article on how to lie.

There are also other articles on lying at

So You Wanna - So You Wanna Lie Persuasively?

Blifaloo - How to Detect Lies

How To Do Things - How To Tell if Someone Is Lying to You

Forbes - Ten Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

Forbes - In Pictures: Ten Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

E-How - How to Know if Someone Is Lying

So, why is being able to lie important? Because, you may have to lie or be able to tell if someone is lying to you to save yourself and your family.

Just so you know As a general rule, I don't lie.

Lies are fabrications that subvert reality. In other words, lies can be checked by looking at the facts; additionally, I don't want to live my life as a liar. So, how do you want to live your life?

Do you want to live knowing that you can take care of yourself and your family during difficult times? Do you want to be able to sleep at night knowing that your family will eat in times of trouble? Do you want to worry less about short and long-term emergencies?

If you do; then I will ...

see you next week!