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Firearms for Preppers, ... Semi-Auto Rifles

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

Last article, I highlighted the most common military bolt-action rifles from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, and these United States. This article, I will highlight the military-type semi-auto rifles commonly available to the prepper/survivalist.

Prices were found at Gun Broker. Magazine prices were found from various places on the internet.


SKS Rifle
BigBattles, cropped and retouched by Atirador

The SKS rifle was built, primarily, by the soviets and the Communist Chinese. It has a 10 round internal magazine that can be loaded with a stripper clip or individual rounds. The rifle fires the 7.62X39 cartridge, same as the AK-47.

Price: $300 to $500 Magazines: 10 round internal

AK-47 series Rifle

Soviet AK-47, first model variation
Cpl. D.A. Haynes

The AK-47, I am writing about is the semi-auto rifle you will most likely find in your nieghbors' hands or the local gun shop. It is a variation of the AKM rifle used by/against every nation on this planet.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a little technical, but my point is if you have a "real" AK-47, you better have the $200 federal tax stamp to go with the rifle, or you're going to prison.

The AK-47 series of rifles uses a 30-round magazine. There are some less common (kind'a rare) 20-round magazines for the rifle. The AK-47 rifle fires the 7.62X39 cartridge, just like the SKS rifle.

Price: $475 to $1.000 Magazines: $10 to $20 each

CETME and HK-91


Retractable and fixed stock versions of the H&K G3 rifle
Edmond Huet, DCB Shooting

The CETME and G-3 are basically older brother (CETME) and younger brother (G-3) The   civilian version of the G-3 is the HK-91. 'Real' HK-91s run in the $2.000+ range. A variation that is less expensive is the PTR-91 rifle. All the rifles use a 20-round magazine.

The CETME can use CETME magazines or inexpensive G-3 magazines (aluminum or steel), but the HK-91 can't use CETME magazines.

Price: CETME $600, HK-91 $1.600+, PTR-91 $1.150 Magazines: CETME $9.00, HK-91 $2.50 each


German G1 Rifle
Kevin Murray

Belgian FN FAL

Joe Loong

British L1A1
Jan Hrdonka

The FNFAL was used by about 90 nations. With all these countries using the FN FAL there are basically two variations, inch and metric. The inch pattern rifle was used by the British Commonwealth solider, and the metric version was used by everyone else.

The FN FAL fires the 7.62 NATO cartridge and has a 20 round magazine. There are 25 round and 30 round magazines available.

Oh yeah, according to Boston's Gun Bible, the FN FAL is #2 to the ...

Price: $1.000 to $2.000+ Magazines: $15 to $30 each


M1A Rifle with Bayonet

The M1A is the semi-auto version of the M-14 rifle. It uses a 20-round magazine, and it fires the 7.62 NATO cartridge.

Price: $1.500 to $2.500+ Magazines: $20 to $50 each

LAR-8, SR-25, AR-10, and ...

AR-10 T
Martin Lotz

These are the bastard 'big' brothers of the AR-15/M-16 series of rifles. They all fire the 7.62 NATO cartridge.


The various rifles are all different and most (if not all) parts are non-interchangeable between each model of rifle. Plus, they all use a different magazine.


They suck for the prepper planning to be able to access a large pool of spare parts and inexpensive magazines like the ...



AR-15 A3 Tactical Carbine

The AR-15 rifle is the semi-auto version of the rifle carried by these United States' military, M-16 rifle and M-4 carbine. Parts are plentiful and magazines are inexpensive. Plus, it is an easy to shoot rifle with a light recoil for most shooters.

The fires the 5.56 NATO cartridge. There are 20 and 30-round magazines for the rifle.

Price: $750 to $1.500 Magazines: $10 to $20 each


Ruger Mini-14

The Ruger Mini-14 rifle is, basically, a scaled down version of the M-14. The rifle fires the 5.56 NATO cartridge. Normally, 10-round magazines are provided with the rifle. 20-round magazines are available at $40ish a piece.

Price: $500 to $800 Magazines: $35 to $50 each

M1 Garand

M1 Garand with Three En-bloc clips

The M1 Garand is a WWII era rifle. It shoots the 30.06 cartridge, same as the 1903 rifle.

Price: $600 to $1.000 Magazine: Uses an En Bloc Clip $1.00 to $1.50 each


SKS Rifle

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AK-47 Rifle

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CETME/HK-91/PTR-91 Rifle

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FN FAL Rifle

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M1A Rifle

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LAR-8, SR-25, AR-10, and ...

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AR-15 Rifle

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Mini-14 Rilfe

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M1 Garand

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