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Firearms for Preppers, ... Bolt Action Rifles

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

These articles (here, too) are an overview of the most common military-type firearms available to the prepper/survivalist. I will provide links (in the links section) for more information.

Prices ranges for the rifles, I found at Gun Broker. Price for ammunition was ... later

Mosin-Nagant Rifle

Mosin Nagant series of rifles
Antique Military Rifles

From Top to Bottom

1. Model 1891
2. Model 1891 "Dragoon"
3. Model 1907 Carbine
4. Model 1891/30
5. Model 1891/30 with 3.5x PU scope.
6. Model 1938 Carbine
7. Model 1944 Carbine
8. Model 1959 Carbine

The Mosin-Nagant series of rifles have been around for over 100 years. The rifles were primarily manufactured by the Russian and soviets (after they took over). The rifle shoots a 7.62x54mmR cartridge.

Price: $75 to $200

Lee-Enfield Rifle

Lee Enfield Mk I (1903)
(The Swedish Army Museum)

Lee-Enfield Mk III (No 1 Mk 3)
(The Swedish Army Museum)

Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk.1 (1944)

Lee-Enfield No. 5 MKI "Jungle Carbine

Rifle 7.62mm 2A1 (1966)
Commander Zulu

The Lee-Enfield series of rifles have been around for over 100 years, in various configurations. They were manufactured by the British, and some Commonwealth countries, from just before WWI to just after WWII. The rifles shoots .303 cartridges.

There is an exception, the Rifle 7.62mm 2A/2A1. These rifles were made by the Indians, in the 1960s, and the rifle shoots a 7.62 NATO cartridge.

Price: $200 to $500+

Mauser M-1898 Rifle

Mauser M98 Rifle with Bayonet (1905)

German Gewehr 98 (1916)
Adams Guns

Karabiner 98K in mint condition (1940)
(The Swedish Army Museum)

Yugoslavian M48: version of the German K98
Antique Military Rifles

Polish Wz 29: version of the German K98
Antique Military Rifles

Spanish FR 8

The Mauser 1898 series of rifle were primarily manufactured by the Germans, during WWI and WWII. The M1898 is the most advanced design of the Mauser series of rifles. The German version of the rifle shoots a 8x57mm JS (8mm Mauser) cartridge.

There were some Mauser M1898s that are designed to shoot 7.62 NATO. I know of one rifle the Spanish FR-8. The Israelis converted (rebarreled) their '98 rifles to shoot the 7.62 NATO cartridge.

Price: $250 to $750+

Springfield 1903 and 1903A1 Rifle

Rifle Springfield 1903

Rifle Springfield 1903A1

Rifle Springfield M1903A3

The Springfield 1903 series of rifle was introduced by these United States just before WWI. The rifle shoots the 30-06 Springfield cartridge.

Price: $500 to $1.000+

Note: Sporterized rifles are are a lot cheaper, $300


Mosin-Nagant Rifle

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Lee-Enfield Rifle

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Mauser M-1898 Rifle

Wikipedia - Mauser: Model 1898

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M1903 Springfield Rifle

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I love these types of rifles, they are basic, easy to clean, easy to repair and is perfect for a preppers kit.

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Dear Geoff Cruz and Others,

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Needless to say, it's spammish but the .pdf is relevant for preppers, so it stays.

Sincerely, Someone You Know

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