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Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff (Every Day Carry)

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

A Man Sitting Under a Tree (ca unk)
Herman T Bohlman Collection
OSU Special Collections & Archives

Two Sisters
Before I begin, I want you to consider something, ...

Two little girls, 8 and 5 years old, survived for 44 hours with nothing but the clothes on their bodies, the contents of their pockets, and the knowledge in their heads.

That's right, ...

They had no food, no water, no bug out bag, nothing but some clothes and wilderness training, from camping trips, their parents, and the 4H, according to the mass media reports, Here, Here, and ...

O.K. ... Back to my the blurb

Every Day Carry
Right this minute, empty your pockets.

That's right, put everything on the table, desk, couch, .. where ever you're reading this blurb

Don't reach for anything, either!

What do you have?

I have a cellphone, an Apple 6S IPhone, a set of keys, and my wallet.

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing a watch, a Seiko 5 Sport, a leather belt, another set of keys, my work keys, a pair of jeans, a dress shirt, wool socks, and a pair of steel toed leather boots.

Not much is it?

What about what is in your head?

Can you build a shelter with materials at hand? How about start a fire? Find and gather water? How about boiling the water, so it's safe to drink?

Notice, ... I didn't ask about food.

Can you signal a potential rescuer? Treat a minor injury?

I'll stop because you probably get my point ...

What is in your head, your knowledge, is as important as what is in your pockets.

And, ...

These two little girls prove this again.

So, ...

As you get prepared for the tough times ahead, I want you to learn some wilderness skills.

The first skill is ...

Hug A Tree
If you read the article, about the two girls, they traveled over a mile from home, before stopping. An adult will travel, if I remember correctly, over 6 miles before stopping!

So, ...

The first skill that I want you to teach your partner, your children, and yourself is to ...

Stop and Hug a Tree

Next, ...

Stay Warm

Lastly, ...

Help the Searchers by answering their calls

Needless to say, ... I'm going to stop here because I have included three great links about the "Hug A Tree and Survive" program that offer a lot more information, for you, your partner, and your family.

More Information
If you have been reading here for any length of time, you know I like providing you with lots of information because you and your family may have to use your knowledge to cover a unique situation.

So, ...

There are three more links about surviving getting lost.

Shelter and Fire
The next bushcraft or wilderness survival skill that I want you and your family to learn is how to build a primitive shelter and make a fire.

Needless to say, ...

There are more links, to some videos on these subjects.

So, ...

Let us move on to what, I think, you should be carrying in your pockets.

The First Plastic Credit Card
with a Magnetic Stripe (ca unk)
photograph by

Credit or Debit Card and Some Cash
That's right!

You need to have a credit card/debit card with overdraw protection with some money in your wallet or purse. Depending on your credit limit, you will be able to rent a hotel or motel room to provide shelter for your family, buy some food from a restaurant or grocery store to feed your family, make the copay at an urgentcare or emergency room to provide medical care for your family, and do a host of other things to provide for your family, including buying a pizza for when your partner doesn't feel like cooking

The next item, I think, you need is a ...

A Nokia Cellphone (ca 2012)
photograph by
CLS Research Office

What one device can summon emergency medical care, armed response, summon a vehicle to take you home, to the hospital, or on a date, and get food delivered to your door?

And, ...

Has the ability to send a written message, take pictures, help your memory, and calculate a tip for the food delivery driver?

Needless to say, ...

A so-called smartphone allows you to download several applications, such as a mapping and compass app, first-aid app for you and your pets, and others, at a small fee or with advertisements.

The next item, I think, is a little controversial, especially in Great Britain, schools, airports, government buildings, offshore oil platforms, and a lot of other places. It is a ...

You, your partner, and your children need a pocket knife. A small one for cutting things like rope, notching a stick for a trap, and protecting yourself.

The knife doesn't have to be expensive, especially with the possibility that it might be confiscated by an overzealous security officer.

As an example, ...

I was able to purchase three knives for under $8.00, when one of the regional farm and home stores was clearing out their Christ Mass gifts, at the beginning of this year.

The item, I think, you and your family need is a way to make ...

Several Kinds of Gas Lighters (ca 2004)

When I was younger, I always had a lighter or matches on me. Now that I'm older and wiser, and a nonsmoker, I never have a way of making fire, except what I can improvise from the material around me.

With that said, ...

You and your family have several options.

You can carry a inexpensive, no name butane lighter like one you find at a convenience store, or a little bit more expensive model like a Bic. You and your family could purchase a fire steel then learn how to effectively use it.

Or, ...

You can go totally retro and carry a Zippo lighter.

Lastly, ...
These are the items, except for the credit card, every member of the family can carry in their pockets to increase their chance to survive during tough times, for a wide variety of events.

Needless to say, ...

There are other items thaat you and your family may want to have during certain disasters, but that is another blurb.

So, ...

I'll see you next week?

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