Monday, February 11, 2019

Volume Five: Number Six


Whether it comes after a great defeat, to liberate the peasants, or a Great Leap Forward, socialist governments have killed millions of their citizens.

First, they imprison those who oppose them then they kill them.

Next, they imprison those who do not conform then they kill them

Third, they imprison their own then they kill them.

Their methods are widely known. They humiliate, beat, starve, torture, and kill, all in the name of a greater good that turns into a great evil.

Doom and Gloom:






Flooding and Crocodiles










New Green Deal


Red Flags




Snow, Again




Things You Might Want to Think About:

Yep, she's a Bimbo

With that said, ...

The gentleman needs to resign for being a pussy.

Here's another reason to have some cash on hand.

Oooh, ...

Just think what would happen if this happened to every bank, in the country.

Yeap, ... It's a great deal for the hedge fund

O.K., the patient met the screening criteria for Ebola, but the patient was negative for Ebola.

So, ...

What did the patient really have?

Just so you know, ...

Some folks will harm animals before they start harming people.

And, ...

The lady should have shot the sumofabitch.

Now, these United States just needs to change some laws and regulations on importing firearms, parts kits, ammunition, magazines, and other firearms related items.

Government Shutdown
Something else that I learned from the recent government shutdown.

Folks, when you pull the pin on a grenade, you either throw it or put the pin back in.

Well, ..

The Left has pulled a pin that they can't put back in.

Ha, Ha, Ha,
Don't laugh. They are serious about changing the nature of this country.

In 3, 2, 1
The Left and Democrats will be embracing Iran

Magnetic North
You will probably be hearing about this world-ending disaster, in the next few months.

Someone, very high up in the company, gave the o.k. to produce these napkins.

Besides the whole, “disgraceful breach of trust”

Some folks are using this leak to attack the President. Attacks that have only been leveled against Republican Presidents.

I'm conflicted about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It's important for so-called good folks to ban together against the villains, but Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia have been battling with each for centuries, killing each other by the 10,000s of thousands.

Also, ...

Our country's only duty is a duty to our citizens.

Payday Loans
Folks, they are a bad deal, even with the implementation of Obama-era regulations.

Police Officers
I hope you and your family are planning to face a smart, intelligent, and ruthless adversary.

With that said, ...

Don't expect the security services to prevent Democrats and certain Republicans from taking your rights to own, use, and carry a firearm.

People are concerned about Blackface.

Me, .. I would like to know:

Who designs this stuff?

Who decides to manufacture this stuff?

Who decides to sell this stuff?

Who buys this stuff?

Here's at least one person that used to buy Prada and Gucci.

Notice, I didn't call him a smart person.

Because someone willing to pay $980 for a wool sweater, well ...

You get my point.

Since the Special Consul can investigate anything, this means Mr. Stone can't say anything.

Got to love the mass media, ...

Now they are complaining about a problem that they didn't cover under Obama/Clinton.

Sell Out
Needless to say, ...

Democrats and Some Republicans don't want to keep your family safe.

They will probably omit the part of her being part of a murdering cocaine trafficking organization, and how she helped them launder money from the drug deals.

How about a repeat of Iraq, with a few lessons learned?

The Wall
Notice the spin, ... "another devastating government shutdown"

If the government is giving people money, whether individuals or corporations, it's welfare and needs to stop. 


"In the past, this sort of grumbling over imperfectly woke books has sometimes grown into a five-alarm social-media fire replete with vote brigading, form-letter writing, and petitions to cancel publication."

"The Fitzgerald was now at war, the enemy the sea."

"It’s not lost on her colleagues, however, that the group that helped vault her into place—and who have two founders leading her office—is the sworn enemy of the establishment she needs to work with."

"The behavior of the American elite changed too."

"I’m not sure what’s worse, that people believe it? Or that they probably believe it themselves?"

"Other telltale signs of recession include: ..."

"Vote for the most pro-gun measures and oppose the anti-gun bills and damn the consequences."

"In summary: brace for impact"

"The disappointment over it will be epic when we discover that the laws of physics override the bright ideas of politicians."

"Long article, but well worth it ..."

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