Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday: 13 September 2017, Part Three

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

photograph by
David Miler, USAF

If you haven't heard, these United States' Army will issue a 7.62 rifle to combat soldiers in the near future. Once all the issues are ironed out.

Well, ... That's a bad idea, for you and me. Let me explain.

First, this will require moving two different caliber of ammunition to Soldiers, in the field.

So, ...

Doing this for preppers, it would increase the complexity of storing ammunition for your family.

Second, this will require keeping more spare parts, for the two different rifles, one in 5.56 and one in 7.62.

So, ...

For preppers, it will increase the complexity of getting spare parts for your family.

Third, ...

In other words, don't do it

G3/H&K 91/PTR 91
When it comes to 5.56mm, there is only one rifle choice, the AR-15 series of rifles. For 7.63 x 39 mm, there are two choices, the AK-47 series of rifles and the SKS rifle.

Well, ...

For 7.62 NATO, there are many choices, with one of these being the ...

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