Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bill of Rights Day

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Barack Hussein Obama II is not a Citizen of these United States of America. Let me tell you how I know.

He would get up on a soap box and tell everybody in these United States what his true religion is then go to a church, mosque, temple, or a bar. Next, he would handout political tracts to everyone telling how every elected official is screwing up this country. After that, the President would take a group of friends to Congress and complain about firearms restrictions in DC then...

Head on over to Virginia to buy a firearm and bring it into D.C. for a little target practice on the White House lawn, with Congress' pictures as the targets, of course.

He would kick the Commander-in-Chief of these United States' military out of his bed, and make that solider sleep in the barracks where he belongs.

When the jack-booted thugs try to arrest him, he would ask for their warrant. Since jack-booted thugs never have a legal warrant, he would kick them out of his house, too.

Mr. Obama would request Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to convene a Grand Jury to investigate the financial difficulties, and to make sure the prosecuting attorney called the President to answer for any crimes. When President Obama took the stand, he would then invoke his right to not testify because of possible self-incrimination then ...

He would get a lawyer, payed for by these United States Citizens, to defend himself in a very public trial, ...

... by a jury of his peers

He would order the CIA to quit 'water boarding,' shipping prisoners to other countries for questioning, and doing other underhanded things.

He would release all the drug offenders, except those who committed violent crimes, from Federal custody, reinstate their rights as citizens, and ...

The tenth and last reason,
He would dismantle over 75% of the federal government because it's not covered in the Constitution of these United States because those powers/offices/responsibilities belong to the States or the People.

Almost lastly,
He would sit Michelle down and explain to her that she needs to be proud of this nation, every day because this county tries to correct its mistakes. Yes, we have done some very terrible things as a nation (and sometimes as individuals), but we try to rectify those mistakes even as we make new mistakes. But we try, every day.

Are you a citizen of these United States of America?

I write this "tongue in cheek" since President Obama's citizenship is still in question by some, but this bit of humour could be used to illustrate that any President of these United States' (past, present, and future) citizenship could be called into question if we based her/his performance on their adherence to the Bill of Rights.

Constitution Center.org - Bill of Rights Day

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