Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris, France Attacks

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

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As you know, information about the recent attacks in Paris are unfolding.

So far, over 125 people have been killed with about 180 injured. The coordinated attack was staged by eight scumbags at six sites, a soccer stadium, a rock concert, and a string of cafes.

According to several timelines, the string of cafes were attacked with 'drive-by' like tactics before the scumbags hit the concert and stadium.

This attack, like the ones in Mumbai, India (2008) and Nairobi, Kenya (2013), show that the group had; at least, rudimentary; military training with a level of coordination that is possible for such a small group. Needless to say, the weapons and explosives show that the group had outside support from someone with access to explosives and weapons.

As we can see, the scumbags probably planned to draw emergency services' (Police and Medical) attention towards the cafe attacks, so they could more easily attack the larger venues.

Don't Be There
The first lesson, we can take from this recent attack, is like the others, don't be there and avoid large crowds. These groups are looking to inflict panic and as many casualties as possible, so they are going to attack the 'big' soft targets like shopping malls, schools, busy government buildings, supermarkets, and many others.

Get Out, Quickly
The second lesson, you and your family can use from this event, is to know where the emergency exits are, so you can quickly escape.

That means, instead of sitting in the center seats during a concert or movie, you and your family sit near the aisle close to an emergency exit. (No bullsh*t, when my family and I go to the movies, we play a game of 'Locate the Emergency Exits')

Another similar technique that you can use is to stay on the perimeter of groups. This technique would allow you to quickly move away from the action because the scumbags are going to try to get to the center of a group, inflicting maximum casualties.

So, ... If you are taken hostage, you want to stay as far as way as possible from the scumbags, just in case they are wearing explosive vests. This will also allow you to more easily make an escape.

Be Armed and Military First-Aid
Needless to say, engaging the scumbags is a distance third option for you and your family. Remember, you responsibility is to your family, so you get your family to safety, first!

With that said, being armed gives you options in case the scumbags block your escape routes, a possibility.

You and your family also need to know, what I call, military first-aid. These skills allow you and your family to provide life saving care to family members and other targets. In the event, someone in your family is injured.

First, as always, the security services are minutes away. Minutes that allow armed scumbags to continue to inflict injury and death on their targets.

The same goes for the emergency services.

Someone has to call before the emergency dispatcher alerts the emergency services. Next, the ambulance and fire rescue crews have to get in their vehicles, leave their stations before getting to the attack or accident site taking many minutes while family, friends, and others bleed out.

Second, the police are not trained to handle these events. Hostage situations and military assaults are handled by special police units, like S.W.A.T.

Yes, the individual police officers are now trained to 'move towards the sound of the guns,' but they may be outgunned.

Next, these attacks aren't personal. The scumbags are looking to kill as many people as possible. They aren't going to personally attack your family unless you have become a well known target, such as the President of these United States, Senator, Representative, or media personality.

That means that you and your family don't need to panic. You just need to be attentive to your surroundings. Pay attention to the people around you and be prepared to get out of the area, as quickly as possible. The stuff that you already should be doing.

Fourth, sad to say, some folks are going to call for confiscating your protective firearms. They are going to talk about the ease of the scumbags in getting their weapons, ignoring the fact that Europe is one big victim disarmament zone gun-free zone.

Lastly, it's a matter of time before a similar type of attack takes place in our country.

Update: (15 Nov 2015)

I apologize, I forgot one section "Resist!" (The link will be active on Friday, the 19th)

Wikipedia: Wiki - Soft Target

Fox News - Terrorists' 'soft-target' strategy puts anyone, and everyone, in danger

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Anonymous said...

If what you say was true, they will not kill civilians, they had engage militar or public services. In the other hand, when they attacked the stadium, they should have inflicted harm on the public personnalites that were there, and they didn't. This was a false flag!

Someone You Know said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have to respectfully disagree with your statement 'This was a false flag!'

First, security is going to be very tight around France's President and other high officials. Our country's Secret Service (with all the current scandals) is very good at protecting 'important' government officials; the same goes for other countries protective services.

So, ... The scumbags didn't have a chance getting close to the president's entourage. They intentionally chose 'soft targets.'

Second, many, many citizens died in Saturday's attack.

To say that the scumbags only engaged the military or public service is to be dishonest about the attacks and the scumbags intentions.

Third, the scumbags are at war with us; we just don't know it yet.

As I have said in the past, and I'll say again 'When someone says they are going to kill you and your family; believe them'

Lastly, That's the problem with warfare, usually more noncombatants are killed then combatants.

Sincerely, SYK

With that said, only time will tell whether this attack really was a false flag event.

Not Me said...

This was no false flag. Anonymous needs to look up the phrase in the dictionary.