Friday, October 5, 2012

Week Sixteen - Readings


Call a friend or family member and ask how they are doing. Try and talk to them about what they are doing to prepare for the current financial difficulties.

Depending on their answer, you will know, give them the url for this blog and tell your friend/family member you will call them next week.

Blog Post:

This is the end of my 16-week effort to inform friends, family members and others on how to prepare for everyday emergencies and the possible emergencies we will face in the future. I plan to continue doing research and posting those finding about the topics I have discussed over the last 16 weeks.

I don't know if I will rewrite each week or update the information in that particular post. I might do something else entirely different.

So, I will see you next week!

PS. Below, you will find links to some fictional short stories on the internet. The first short story "When Autumn Leaves Fall" by Andrew Zarowny is a rebuttal to "The Gray 90s" an online book by James Rawles. I think that "When Autumn Leaves Fall" is a more realistic tale than "The Gray 90s." Just so you know, "The Gray 90s" has been rewritten many times and is know called "Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse"

The second, very long, short story "Lights Out" by HalfFast is the fictional account of an EMP attack on the United States. The author describes the efforts of a community to survive, as a group, an electricity deprived scenario.

The links in the links are three books found on Google books. They all provide excellent information on surviving emergencies.


Short Stories on the Internet

When Autumn Leaves Fall by Andrew Zarowny

When Autumn Leaves Fall - Chapter One

Lights Out by HalfFast!/LightsOut-Current.pdf

Lights Out by HalfFast


Equipped to Survive


Frugal Squirrel-Archives

Survivalist Forum - Survival Gear Reviews and Self Sufficiency Articles

The Mental Militia - Forums


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