Friday, August 31, 2012

Third Half - Finances

To the third half of the post about finances.

Dave Ramsey
Is the host "of a nationally syndicated radio program discussing personal finance topics. Strongly emphasizes reducing, avoiding, and eliminating debt."

Mr. Ramsey has some information on his website that will assist you in your financial preparations.


Dave Ramsey - Home

Dave Ramsey - Tools & Resources

Dave Ramsey - The Seven Baby Steps

Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports has some advice and a web page on financial survival. Who would have thought that Consumer Reports was a survivalist magazine.


Consumer Reports - Rebuild Your Finances, ...

College Students
Folks, especially parents, we need to make sure that our children and grand-children don't make the same mistakes, financially, that we did.

Studenomics has an article called "The Ultimate Financial Survival Guide For New College Students." The article has some good advice for all college students, young and old.


Studenomics - The Ultimate Financial ...

The Simple Dollar, Again
Trent Hamm has a blog called "The Simple Dollar." I read him about three times a week. He has practical financial advice for you and me.

Check his archives for subjects that you might be interested in, additionally, he has a free e-book called "Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on One Page."

Mr. Hamm also has a series called "Trent's 14 Money Rules."


The Simple Dollar - Everything You ...

The Simpile Dollar - Trent's 14 Money Rules