Saturday, June 18, 2011

In the Beginning, ... Part 3

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

The next thing you are going to need to do is make an inventory of all your supplies.

Now, you need to do this in a secure fashion that means no spread sheets, no mobile devices, and definitely no 'cloud'

Yep, that means old-school, paper and pencil for this task, lots of paper.

Before you and your family begin, you are going to have to decide wether y'all are going to use an organized or an unorganized method.

If you have decide an unorganized method, stop reading and get to work. Now!

If you have decide an organized method, please, read on.

First, label the top of a sheet of paper "Air"

At the top of another sheet of paper "Shelter"

Another sheet "Water"







You get the idea.

Once all the sheets of paper are labeled at the top, pass them out to your family.

Next, you, your children, and your partner go around the house writing everything you own in that category on the paper. Remember, only the items your family owns.

An example might look something like this

and this

and this

and this

Folks, these are simple examples. You will probably have a lot more stuff to include on your family's inventory sheets

Once you and your family are finished with the inventory, you and your partner (and the children, too) go through all of the lists. Just like Saint Nick, you are going to check the lists, twice. If you forgot anything (how about that half-gallon of gasoline mixed with 2-stroke motor oil), add it to the list.

Next, you and your partner (the kids are probably tired by now) are going to line through any item that doesn't work/damaged. (your daughter's holey running shoes, your son's way too small jeans, your broken golf clubs, so on and so forth.

Once this is finished ...

Congratulations! Now, you know what you own, and you have a good idea of the supplies that you and your family have on hand for a disaster.

Plus, you can probably use this list for insurances purposes, if you include some pictures.