Monday, November 1, 2010

Expedient Water Storage, Part 2

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

In the last article about "Expedient Water Storage" I told you about places in your home to store water and collect water.

In this article, I am going to highlight a few containers you and your family can use to quickly store water during an emergency and some 'Dos and Don'ts' in water storage.

The first container is the five and six gallon white plastic bucket. Just like I mentioned in "Week Four - Food" these plastic buckets must be food-grade plastic. If you are planning to use used buckets, the buckets must have had only food in them. Some examples are cake icing, pickles, or cherries.

Another bucket is the simple water bucket for watering animals. In the above picture, it is the purple bucket; we bought it at our local Farm and Home Store.

Another container is the five-gallon water jug. If you watch sports, especially American Football, you usually see the team dumping the contents of the jug on the coaches head.

The last container, I will highlight, is the plastic picnic cooler. Most families have one or two for holding food, on ice, for camping trips, float trips, or other outdoor events.

Expedient Water Storage Containers
And this leads to my 'Dos and Don'ts.'

* Identify containers that you can use in an emergency, now
* Use only clean containers

* Don't use containers that have contained nonfood items like oil, waxes, or other chemicals
* Don't use old chlorine bleach bottles for water storage. Remember, too much chlorine in your water can kill.