Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday - Glenn Beck

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

I Accepted a Challenge at Work
As some of you know, I listen to National Public Radio (NPR); everyone else listens to the radio station that has Glenn Beck. Dang, do I get ribbed about it.

It's O.K. though, they are good folks.

Well, one of the guys asked if I would listen to Glenn Beck for 30 days. I said yes since I am a curious person.

Now, this arrangement isn't prefect; I miss parts of the show. Today, I missed almost all of it, so be warned because I will be talking about it.
While I was listening to Glenn Beck, he had an advertisement for He was plugging their $199 "Essentials Kit."

According to their website, the kit contains:

"• Lightweight, weather-resistant backpack
• Quick heat fuel pellets
• 2-week food supply, 3 meals per day
• Waterproof matches
• Delicious freeze dried food
• Cooking tin
• Reusable heat source
• 1500+ use water filter

Product Description

Each item in The Essentials Kit Backpack is individually packaged and sealed for freshness. All of our meals are either ready-to-eat or require only water to prepare, and have a shelf life of 7-10 years."

So let's look at it.

3 x 14 days = 42 freeze dried meals.

Cool, but how big are the servings? If you are doing heavy work, you will need over 3,000 calories. If the weather is cold, you will need 5,000 calories. Plus, will the meals satisfy your hunger?

Next, the cooking tin (cup) and folding stove

Using a cup is a great idea, however, a cup with a longer handle would be better, such as a Sierra Cup. Why the need for a longer handle? A person has to move the cup off the fire. Can you say ouch?

The folding stove has its problems too. Folks have to make absolutely sure the small stove is level. If it isn't, the cup will spill.

Now, I am going to make an assumption that the quick heat fuel pellets and the reusable heat source are the same thing.

How many do they give a person? In the picture, I count 10. Folks, I know from personal experience, one hot meal a day boosts moral during cold weather. Plus, if the two items are the same thing, exactly how do you put out the fuel pellets? Once again from experience, a person has to smother the fuel pellets with soil to put them out.

Lastly, the 1500+ use water filter.

Exactly how big are the pore sizes in the filter element? 100 micron, 10 micron, or maybe 1.0 micron; only one of them will protect you from some bad stuff. Plus, a t-shirt can be a water filter, but I won't drink the water. Lastly, how big is a "use." Remember you need 128 ounces of water, a day.

Oh, I forgot the matches.

A small box of matches usually has 50 in a box. So if a person lights one match for every meal (just in case there are 42 fuel pellets), there are 8 matches as spares.

As Glenn Beck says (something like) you do the research then you decide.

I did, and I'm not buying.

Link: - The Essentials Kit

Folks, If you don't know my opinion about gold and silver, let me repeat it.

"As you prepare, some people will tell you to buy gold and silver. I disagree, for the family just beginning to prepare. I say this for many different reasons.

One, you can't eat silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no nourishment for your family's hunger, only food will do that.

Two, you can't defend yourself with silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no protection against the rapist, looters, and robbers, only guns and ammo will do that.

Three, you can't drink silver and gold.

Silver and gold will offer no quenching of your thirst, only water that you have stored or treated will do that.

Lastly, why should I, or any other person, sell you food, water, guns, or the other necessities of life if all I have to do is wait for you to die and then take your silver and gold."

As Glenn Beck says (something like) you do the research then you decide.

To help you out:

Search the Internet for "Goldline Scams"


Read these post from Ryan at Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

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"I can not help but have this be a reminder that the types of coins and bullion many "experts" push so hard are the most expensive options. If I was a cynical person I would say their advice is driven by motivation for profit not your well being."

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"Remember that at the end of the day you are buying silver so get it at the cheapest price per ounce you can."

Goldline International - Home

Oh, About the Show
As they say in the beginning of the show. It's a fusion of entertainment and ...

Boring, uninformative, childish, juvenile, and ... Reminds me of Rush. 55 minutes of comment/commercials and 5 minutes of stuff I can use.

Yeah, I wish I had that part of my life back. Oh well, 25 days to go.