Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday - Laptop Friendly Survival Library

April 30th, 2010

Friday - Laptop Friendly Survival Library

It's Friday!

The end of the workweek and another original post about what's going on in the world/my life.

The Laptop Friendly Survival Library
I am cleaning files off my computer, and I found (what else, but) a "Laptop Friendly Survival Library."

I searched the internet and found a link for it at 2012 forum by Hero4Hire4. You can view the thread at:

Because the company is called 2012, I have included the links mentioned in the original forum post.

Survival Ring - The laptop friendly survival library in rich text format

Survival Ring - Home

Great Dreams - Survival and Self Sufficiency links – Downloads

The - The Disease Library

Survival Library v2.0

Note: As always, watch those opinions

All I have to says is: Roosters crow All the time. Yes, even at 4am, on the weekend.

A Prepper Survival Manual
I am going to stop posting the 16-week course(at the end of the 16th week) here at "Getting Started in Emergency Preparedness" because I'm tired of copying and pasting each entry to keep it up to date on this blog. Plus, I always wanted to write the ultimate survival manual.

Since, there are a gazillion survival manuals already; I thought I would write one that could be changed as people critiqued each chapter.

A Prepper Survival Manual