Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wendesday's Websites of the Week - July 10th, 2019

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There are many sources of information for you and your family to use in your quest to learn about prepping and its related skills. Some of them local, like the town's library or the adult education office at the local community college. Some may be regional, such as the county agriculture extension service office and a larger cities' art and history museums. On a national scale, information sources like a national library, national archives, or the nation's military is available to you and your family.

Additionally, ...

With the explosion of the internet, thirty years ago, other sources have opened up to you and your family. Sources such as blogs, videos, websites, and many others, and that is the reason for this Wednesday blurb, to provide new and old sources of information to you and your family from the internet.

So, ...

Mental Preparations

Food Crisis
Some interesting insight about a potential food crisis.

With that said, ...

Be careful of the hyperbola.

YouTube: Canadian Prepper - WARNING: The Coming Food Crisis | Be Ready 2019

Emergency Evacuation Kit and Caches




A few words to the wise from Riverwalker!!!

Stealth Survival - Wilderness Water


Iraqi families wait in line
as Iraqi Police Service officers pass out bags of food (ca 2011)
photograph by
SPC Gary Silverman

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday: Oatmeal Wheat Bread from the Test Kitchen

Safely Gathered In -Saturday Roundup: Beans and Raspberry Edition



The Basics
Do you know the basics of ...

YouTube: - Shotgun Basics for Newbies

Folks, I disagree with some of the thoughts in this article.

But, ...

I don't disagree with "Stock Up," "Only Buy Quality," and buy from folks like ...

Palmetto State Armory

I Need More Gear

Survival Blog - Economics & Investing For Preppers #317




Better known as Gor-Tex.

Needless to say, it's the cat's meow, especially if you're trying to stay dry.

YouTube: The Outdoor Gear Review - Full Gore-Tex Protection on the Cheap

Like any gear, you need to take care of your gear.

YouTube: Arc'teryx - GORE-TEX Wash Tutorial



Someone Pocketing Money (ca 2014)
photograph by
Mike Schmid

In Your Pocket
During certain events, what you have in your pockets is all you're going to have.

So, ...

The Modern Survivalist - 7 Summer EDC Essentials

Inappropriate Advice
As you can see, from the above article, not all advice is appropriate for you and your family because wearing short pants exposes your legs to the sun (sunburns), branches (scraps and cuts), and might stop you from getting into certain places, like a nice restaurant. A baseball hat fails to protect your ears from the sun (sunburns), the back of your neck (sunburns), and gives you hat hair. A watch costing $970 does a poor job of protecting your wallet. Plus, it might set you up as a target for thieves, just like the Glock hat.

Lastly, a $170 multi-tool for everyone in the family and a $100 pair of sunglasses, a $400 phone for you and your partner, and ... (O.K. I can agree about the shoes) would run a family of four close to $2000.

$2000 that could be better spent, somewhere else.

Power Production


Suggested Reading and Additional Resources

Stockholm Public Library Stacks (ca 2019)
photograph by

Active Response Training
A collection of articles, from around the intenet, about defensive firearms usage, personal protection, and other insights for you, your family, and friends..

Active Response Training - Weekend Knowledge Dump: July 5, 2019

Woodpile Report
A collection of articles, from around the world, about politics, prepping, and the coming tough times.

Woodpile Report - Issue 586

Digital Survival Books
With the advent of the internet, we are able to share books and magazines that are no longer in print, may be unique, or ... Difficult to obtain from your local library.

Link: - Survival Poaching

Military Manuals
These United States military is responsible for the defense of this nation, so they train our Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Guardians, and Soldiers in many different skills and occupations. Skills that you and your family can use to survive the tough times ahead.


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