Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wendesday's Websites of the Week - June 12th, 2019

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

There are many sources of information for you and your family to use in your quest to learn about prepping and its related skills. Some of them local, like the town's library or the adult education office at the local community college. Some may be regional, such as the county agriculture extension service office and a larger cities' art and history museums. On a national scale, information sources like a national library, national archives, or the nation's military is available to you and your family.

Additionally, ...

With the explosion of the internet, thirty years ago, other sources have opened up to you and your family. Sources such as blogs, videos, websites, and many others, and that is the reason for this Wednesday blurb, to provide new and old sources of information to you and your family from the internet.

So, ...

Mental Preparations

Choque automovilístico
en Jagtvej, Copenhague, Dinamarca (ca 2005)
photograph by

Real Quick
All of the usual suspects are calling for a market crash, again.

Needless to say, ...

You and your family can or can not ignore them, depending on your views.

Possible Events
I will say it again, you and your family need to get prepared, at least, for the likely events that may happen in your area, such as winter storms in the upper midwest, hurricanes in the southeast, droughts in the southwest, earthquakes and tsunamis on the west coast, and many other disasters, like being fired/laid off, power outages, car crashes, home accidents, and many others.

Unlikely Events
Now some families are going to get prepared for less likely events, such as the collapse of the world financial system, invasion by a foreign power or people, or ...

SHTF Blog - Understanding EMP and Why You Should Prepare For It

Emergency Evacuation Kit and Caches





Red beans and rice,
prepared with smoked spanish paprika. (ca 2006)
photograph by
Paul Goyette

Rice and Lentils
Lentils are easy to cook. You don't have to soak them like other beans, so they make a good addition to your family's food supply.

Oooh, ...

Add one pound of rice for every half pound of beans, per day, and your family has 2000 calories.

Just don't forget the spices.

The Modern Survivalist - Survival Nutrition: Live longer and healthier

Safely Gathered In - Food Storage Friday: Peanut Butter Pie (Guest Post)

Safely Gathered In - How To...Whole Wheat Bread by Bread Machine

Food Storage Made Easy - 16 Bean Soup

Food Storage Made Easy - Food Storage Recipes: Honey Granola

Food Storage Made Easy - Food Storage Meats and a Delicious Meatballs Tetrazzini Recipe

Food Storage Made Easy - Food Storage Recipes: Honey Granola



National Rifle Association Blog
Wow, ...

You really need to be a member.

NRA Family - Silhouette Shooting: Fun for the Whole Family

America's First Freedom - Tips for Starting to Carry

Shooting Illustrated - Rust Prevention Tips for Your Guns






Power Production


Suggested Reading and Additional Resources


Active Response Training
A collection of articles, from around the intenet, about defensive firearms usage, personal protection, and other insights for you, your family, and friends..

Active Response Training - Weekend Knowledge Dump: May 10, 2019

Woodpile Report
A collection of articles, from around the world, about politics, prepping, and the coming tough times.

Woodpile Report - Issue 578

Digital Survival Books
With the advent of the internet, we are able to share books and magazines that are no longer in print, may be unique, or ... Difficult to obtain from your local library.

Link: - Ragnar Benson: The Modern Survival Retreat

Military Manuals
These United States military is responsible for the defense of this nation, so they train our Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Guardians, and Soldiers in many different skills and occupations. Skills that you and your family can use to survive the tough times ahead.


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