Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week Seventeen - Blog Recommendation


I would like to recommend a blog to you. The blog is "Safely Gathered In" by Abs and Hannah. They have been posting for about five months.

In those five months, they have provided many posts on obtaining, storing, and using food storage. Their posts have informative pictures and great details about using basic foods to provide for their family and friends during good and bad times.

You may be wondering why my emphasis on storing and using food storage.

I believe that we, as a nation, are in the beginning of a major financial crisis. A financial crisis that has the potential to be long and devastating. I also believe that neither of the major political parties have the will power/political clout to properly correct the many financial situations.

No matter, whether we get socialism or fascism, our families will need to eat. Abs and Hannah provide a great blog to help us survive those coming troubles.