Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday: 2 January 2013

Welcome Preppers and Survivalists,

Folks, YouTube is awesome.

YouTube - Home

Bugout Bag Videos

YouTube: Dan's Depot - Bug Out Bag and Survival Pack

YouTube: charper3006 - How to Build a Bug Out Bag

YouTube: GQ Prepper - Bug Out Bag 2.0

YouTube: TheUrbanPrepper - Urban Bug Out Bag (Part 1)


YouTube: VideoJug- How To Make A Shelter In The Woods

YouTube: BBCWorldwide - BBC: Ray Mears Extreme Survival, Building a Shelter

YouTube: Equip2Endure - How to Make Winter Shelter for Cold Weather Wilderness Survival

YouTube: willowhavenoutdoor - 9 Different Poncho Survival Shelter Set-Ups

YouTube: Equip2Endure- Inside a Bomb Shelter with Atlas Survival Shelters at the Self Reliance Expo


YouTube: rickvanman - Preparedness #1: Storing Water, Basics (Preparedness series)

YouTube: TheBuckeyePrepper - Prepper Water Storage: Critical Prep Item

YouTube: norcalprepper - RainWater setup, rain barrel, water storage

YouTube: LDSPrepper - Rainwater Collection System Part 1: Intro 


YouTube: James Yeager - Food Storage 101

YouTube: TessPennington - Long Term Food Storage Basics - How to Pack Rice, Wheat, Beans and Dry Good

YouTube: PaulHerrmann1 - Survival food stash and storage. Part 1

YouTube: joshuafarnsworth - #1 Best Food Storage Seminar! Wendy DeWitt


YouTube: ThePatriotNurse - Medical Kit on a $50 Budget

Heck, I'm going to stop here, just watch most of the Patriot Nurse's videos.


YouTube: TheHossUSMC - 3 Firearms Everyone Should Own

YouTube: V8merc124 - Which budget Semi-auto rifle to choose before SHTF! And it's not what everyone

YouTube: bber45 - Buying an SKS

YouTube: civiladvantage - Survival Rifles, 22's to M14's

YouTube: SNOmultimedia - Best Survival Handgun

YouTube: TheYankeeMarshal - The Best Handgun, Period.


YouTube: thetyee - Freelance Finance: A Tyee Freelance Survival Series Event (Part 1 of 3)

YouTube: GaryMule - SHTF Prep: Dollar store and Thrift Store

YouTube: Survive2Day - Beginner's Guide to Silver Investing pt 1

YouTube: thebumproject - Investing In Physical Silver 101: How to Invest in Silver

YouTube: apalm20 - Nobody Wants Your Stupid Silver!

Power Production

YouTube: solarcabin - Off Grid Solar and Wind Installation Part One

Needless to say, y'all have a couple of videos to watch, for now.

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