Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday's Thoughts and Other Stuff

Dear Preppers and Survivalists,

On Voting
It seems the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, have selected their presidential candidates. As others have observed, different sides of the same coin.

Now, some folks are suggesting to boycott the election. Some of them feel it's a waste of time. Others think, you and I shouldn't encourage the politicians. Lastly, other folks say the process is rigged, so we shouldn't participate.

Me? I plan to vote for many reasons.

First, the increase in the number of states with concealed carry is because folks that cared voted (wrote letters, called elected officials, fought legal battles, ran for office, and ...) If these folks had stayed at home, we would still have repressive firearm laws.

Next, a lot of folks focus on the presidential election. We need to remember that local, state, and other federal candidates are also seeking election or reelection. Some of these elections will be decided by a couple thousand, a few hundred, a handful, or just one voter.

Third, I believe, we are in trouble. So much trouble that the same old idea of borrow and spend by both parties has stopped working. Again, I believe, we need new ideas to solve our problems, and the only way to do that is to vote for third party candidates.

Lastly, there were 132 million voters, out of 212 million potential voters, in the 2008 election, so my vote counted for almost two votes, last presidential election.

So, make sure you're registered to vote, so you can vote this November.

A group of African-American children
gather around a sign and booth to register voters.
Kheel Center at Cornell University

On Violence
After a handgun and its supporting equipment and ammunition, a prepper and their family need a rifle. The reason ...


It's hard for me to comprehend that someone would be willing to kill you and your family for a few dollars, much less the food and tools needed to survive, but it's true.

There are predators that will be willing to steal from you and your family during a disaster to benefit themselves. What's so bad about it; some of these folks will be from the government.

Some of these government officials will be "following orders." Others will be acting for "the greater good."

So, what's a prepper and their family to do?

I don't know.

But, I do now that you and your family will have to be prepared to defend yourselves. The only way to do that, effectively, is to be armed with firearms that you and your family know how to use.


You will need help because the villains will arrive as groups of two or many dozen, in a uniform or not. They may be scared off with no shots or many.

Sorry for the ambiguity, but I can't see the future that we may face, in the days ahead.

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